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Actress Amanda Seyfried on the comeback of “Mamma Mia!”

The film version of the Abba musical “Mamma Mia!” Made the American actress Amanda Seyfried internationally known in 2008. Ten years later she plays the role of Sophie in the sequel “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ”again. In the meantime she has worked with directors like Atom Egoyan (“Chloe”) or Tom Hooper (“Les Misérables”), and other things have changed in her life as well. Tears flow during the interview, but only from one eye. That’s inflamed and the reason the 32-year-old actress doesn’t wear makeup today.

How did you imagine your career in Hollywood back then?

In any case, I didn’t want to be famous or become a star. Plus, in Hollywood, they’re quick to pigeonhole you. And after “Girls Club – Be careful!”, My first film, I ran the risk of having to play the blonde idiot forever. That wasn’t a tempting prospect either. I wanted to evade that from the start.

Then what did you want?

I wanted to be successful. I wanted to work and to be hired, to want me. Unfortunately, one does not work so well without the other. If you are not famous, you run the risk of not being cast. I had to make some professional decisions that had to do with my private life in order not to be damaged by this job. And that’s why I canceled a role in a film, for example, which later became a huge success. That blocked a few chances for me. I struggled with that, but I’ve now come to terms with this conflict. If you play well enough and are persistent enough, there is another way. But especially when you are still so young, all the rejection you experience in this job is terrible. It just doesn’t feel good when someone keeps telling you: You are not the right person for this role. That hurts.

Why did you continue anyway?

If I’m rejected, the harder I work. Even today I don’t give up until I’ve had three rejections for a role. But I used to get stuck there a lot more. Today I can live with rejection, reluctantly, but it works. But that too was something I didn’t know when I was in my early twenties.

“Mamma Mia!” Changed your life in other ways too. You fell in love with your co-star Dominic Cooper at the time and were then a couple. How did you feel about playing this role again ten years later?

It was interesting. I was a kid then. Today I am an adult with completely different priorities and values. I would never say that I know who I am today. But I’ve definitely come closer to the question. I have a different self-image, have a different idea of ​​what I want to achieve in life. The only thing that felt strange was shooting the film without my two friends who were there for the first part. One now lives with her husband and two children in Qatar, the other also with her husband and children in Atlanta. It just wasn’t possible.

You played lovers again with Dominic Cooper. How did you experience that?

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