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“Thor 4”: Marvel fans hate this role!

In addition to perhaps the first queer superhero, we can also look forward to a female lead in “Thor: Love and Thunder”! Because after “Captain Marvel” and “Black Widow”, the fourth part of the “Thor” series will now also focus on a female superhero. In this case, fans can look forward to a familiar face – well, they would be happy if they didn’t have. Because Natalie Portman is back at the start after she had an important supporting role in the first two “Thor” films and then disappeared from the screen. For various reasons, the fans don’t want to see her in the role of a female Thor!

That’s how much the “Avengers” stars earned

“They’re messing up the Marvel universe”

Already at Comic Con 2019 it was announced that Natalie Portman would play Lady Thor, the goddess of thunder, in “Thor: Love and Thunder”. It is known that she will wear a “warrior dress” and will also swing the hammer that Thor made so famous. Other than that, nothing is known about her role. The storyline should follow the comic “Mighty Thor” in which she takes on the role of Thor, who has to survive cancer during this time. 😮 But the little information that is already available is enough for some Marvel fans to have a lot of guesswork about the choice of roles. “I’m not mad. I just won’t watch it. It makes me a little mad that they are messing up the Marvel Universe with this, but that’s the current trend in movies and TV“, Writes a fan. Okay, why are people so mad (or “not mad”)?

Some of the reviews seem quite misogynistic

Now we’re getting a female Thor. I’m not looking at that“, Writes another fan. Some blame it on the fact that a “trend” can be observed to put female characters in “male roles”. Wooow, please? Aside from the fact that “Mighty Thor” is a comic book character that existed before the Marvel movie universe, that is a very questionable rationale. Isn’t it rather that there are more than enough male comic characters in films? For a long, long time, Black Widow was the only superhero in the Marvel films. We repeat: the ONLY one. Besides about 12 guys (we didn’t count, but there were enough 🤪). Others are dissatisfied because Natalie Portman was “unnecessary” and “boring” in her role as Jane Foster in the first two “Thor” parts. Fair enough, that was probably the reason why the actress was no longer interested in her role (as she herself confirmed). And Portman can’t do much for the role that was written for her, incidentally. For our part, we’ll wait until there’s at least one teaser for the new film before judging an actress’ skill. 😁

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