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“The Dark Knight 4”: Will the Batman franchise continue?

Christopher Nolan’s Batman series now includes three films. We’ll tell you whether a sequel with “The Dark Knight 4” is possible.

The “The Dark Knight” trilogy by director Christoper Nolan shows the story of the dark knight much more realistically than the Batman films by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. Main characters and comic roots are still clearly recognizable, but the series follows a completely different genre. The linchpin of the story is Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Christian Bale), who forges an alliance with Lieutenant Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to defeat organized crime in Gotham. Gotham has now produced many criminal figures. One of them is the Joker (Heath Ledger). With his brilliant mind he tries to override public order and can soon gather a large following. We’ll tell you here whether Christopher Nolan lets go of other villains on Batman in “The Dark Knight 4”.

In our Video let’s show which stars almost played in comic films:

“The Dark Knight 4”: No sequel planned

The last film in “The Dark Knight” trilogy from 2012 was a few years ago and despite great success, there has been no sequel so far. The end of “The Dark Knight Rises” offered a lot of material for a possible fourth film. There is a simple reason why this has not happened so far, as Batman actor Christian Bale revealed in an interview with the Toronto Sun: “Chris had always told me that if we were lucky enough to make three films, we would quit.”

But it shouldn’t stay that way. After the success of the third film, those responsible came up with the idea to continue the series with “The Dark Knight 4”. But Bale referred to the director’s statement: “We have to hold on to Chris’ dream, which has always been to hopefully do a trilogy. Let’s not take it too far and get negligent and do a fourth.“A brave but clear decision with success. The “Dark Knight” trilogy is now one of the most popular Batman series that has ever existed.

Did you see these allusions in the new “Joker”?

“The Dark Knight 4”: All films in the correct order

If you are a big Batman fan, you can watch all existing Batman films one after the other in the correct order. In the following we have recorded the order of the “The Dark Knight” film series for you:

  • “Batman Begins”: Revival of the bat franchise with Christopher Nolan’s impressive reboot.
  • “The Dark Knight”: After the reboot of the franchise with “Batman Begins”, Batman, directed by Christopher Nolan, has to deal with the Joker. Heath Ledger received an Oscar posthumously for his portrait of the Joker.
  • “The Dark Knight Rises”: Finale of Christopher Nolan’s new Batman trilogy with Christian Bale. The opponent this time is the brutal Bane (Tom Hardy).

Do you recognize these superheroes from a picture? Test your knowledge with our quiz:

Superhero Quiz: Can you tell a superhero movie from a picture?

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