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Signature Look: So you can always wear the same look – without looking boring

How to develop a signature look

Is it okay to always wear the same look? Not only is it okay, but some of the most successful and creative men in the world say it is one of the keys to their success. Not only did it help them create a personal image (we dare not think of Steve Jobs when thinking of a black turtleneck), but it also helped them not stress about their clothes and know that they are always good would look no matter what.

It’s not about being boring or uncreative, it’s about personal preferences. And it’s about knowing that there are clothes that suit you better than others, that reflect your own personality and that you can use to control how others perceive you.

You can be as creative as you want in fashion, but in a world full of colors and crazy trends, wearing the same signature look over and over is almost an act of rebellion. The Ramones were everywhere in leather jackets and jeans, Kanye West wears the same thing in different colors and Barack Obama told Vanity Fair: “I only wear blue or gray suits. I try to make fewer decisions about what to eat or wear because I have a lot of other choices to make. ” Leonardo DiCaprio has also been wearing the same look for years, making it look much more attractive on the red carpet.

Believe it or not, your own uniform with classic looks alternating with your favorite items of clothing is also a way of expressing your individuality. In this way you also show that you do not chase every trend, but rather choose what you feel most comfortable and secure with (like James Bond in his suits).

Steve Jobs

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How can you always wear the same thing and develop a signature look?

Pay attention to the fit

You don’t want to look like you didn’t worry about how you looked. So if you want to wear a version of the same look every day, you need to be sure that each element will suit you perfectly.

Shirts shouldn’t be too tight or too big, pants should fit the shoe exactly, t-shirts should be the right material and cut, and jackets, sweatshirts and coats should be flattering.

Play with colors and accessories

Think of Kanye West. The rapper wears exactly the same thing most of the time (a jacket might be added in winter), but it doesn’t look like it because he uses different colors and combinations. Pants, shirt and sneakers are his daily bread, but he wears them in a range of colors he likes, from all black to all red.

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