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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello: fans make great discovery!

Apparently, Camila Cabello has overcome her secret worries about boyfriend Shawn Mendes – at least if you can believe what the fans say on Instagram! Because they found something sparkling in a new post … Are the two singers already engaged ?!

These stars suffer from panic attacks

The Insta-Post that fueled the rumor mill

One moment Cabello is still secretly messing around without her boyfriend – the next she is suddenly engaged to him! At least that’s what it seems to be the case, if you believe the fans on Instagram who pounced on the singer’s latest post. She actually wanted to draw attention to a topic that was important to her: environmental protection! In the post she works for Mother Earth and advertises a book that is particularly close to her heart: “Braided Sweet Grass – The Whiteness of Plants”, by Robin Wall Kimmerer. The book is already her favorite book, even though she has only read three chapters! You can currently see how much the earth is suffering and that we humans do not understand that we are part of nature. The important message is currently getting under a bit – because fans have discovered something in the photos and in the video that they won’t let go: Is that a ring on their left hand ?!

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Is that an engagement ring?

Is she engaged? There’s a ring on her left hand“, Writes a curious fan. Others have long gone beyond asking:”All of you, that’s a ring on your ring finger!“Some even claim that people just watch the video over and over again to discover the ring. So we’re honest: we can’t see anything. 🤣 It may be that she wears a ring there, but it may also be that she just wears a ring there. So far, the two have not commented on the rumors, which does not have to mean anything! The two have been a couple since 2019 and are very happy together – we would be happy if they had decided on an engagement, but we also believe that something like this does not always have to be the “next step”. 😉

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