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Saints Row returns to the roots: All information about the reboot

The Saints start all over again.  You can find out how here. The Saints start all over again. You can find out how here.

The fact that a new game in the Saints Row series is coming was already known thanks to a tweet from host Geoff Keighley before the start of Opening Night Live. But what exactly the whole thing looks like, developer Volition only revealed during the opening of gamescom 2021.

At an event, the team explained to us in advance what to expect with the reboot. Here you can find out in great detail which direction the rather wacky Open World series, which is often seen as a GTA competitor, will be heading in just a few months.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Release: February 25, 2022
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC
  • Co-op campaign: Yes, for two players

Geblitzdingst: A complete new start

In the reboot, the third person action starts all over again in an open game world. Means: a new setting, new characters and a new engine. Although there will be allusions to the Saints Row history, do not expect references in every nook and cranny.

A necessary reboot: During the event, Volition made it clear that after Saints Row 4 and the heavily wacky Gat out of Hell expansion, no further improvement was possible. We, too, think that returning the series to its roots a bit more down to earth makes perfect sense.

A fresh, wacky playground

Steelport was in the reboot yesterday, we head to Santo Ileso in the cactus-rich, dry southwest of the USA, where we can once again let off steam in terms of crazy action on foot or in numerous vehicles. According to the developer, the latter should be much more in focus during the shootings and offer the best driving experience of the series so far. Thanks to wingsuits, among other things, a portion of verticality should also come into play.

Saints Row - First trailer shows the reboot for PS4, Xbox One and PC


Saints Row – First trailer shows the reboot for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Everything new in the reboot? The typically exaggerated gameplay, as we have been used to since part 3, will not change in the reboot, although we will no longer end up in space or even in hell. Crazy outfits, weapons (the purple dildo is not making a comeback), arcade driving fun and a good dose of humor are still the essence of the action game.

How it feels, Volition describe with the films Baby Driver, Hobbs & Shaw and in terms of fights with John Wick. Anyone who has seen the action trilogy with Keanu Reeves knows that this is spectacular and not exactly squeamish.

Information about the console version: Saints Row appears as a Crossgen game, which of course always raises the question of the technical differences. Volition did not want to comment on this at the moment.

What we do know, however, is that there will be the possibility of cross-play between the generations. You play Saints Row on PS4, your girlfriend on PS5, no problem.

According to the developer, the Santo Ileso awaits us largest game world so far the row, which includes not only the city itself but also a huge surrounding area.

Build your own Saints empire

Let’s move from the game world to the characters, more precisely to your hero or heroine. Is played The boss, which you can put together according to your wishes via the character editor.

How profound the whole thing is, we can’t currently rate that, but according to Volition, there should also be many customization options apart from the initial character creation – and there will definitely be one or two funny outfits.

As a gang of the Saints, you want to get Santo Ileso under your wing.
As a gang of the Saints, you want to get Santo Ileso under your wing.

Speaking of customization, even if the reconciliation lags a little. In the reboot you will of course build your own Saints Gang empire again. This time, this happens not only through the story, but also in the game world itself.

If you conquer areas in Santo Ileso or defeat the hostile clans living there, you are allowed to erect buildings on the spot that bring you different advantages. If you build a shooting range, for example, you can modify your weapons here and buy suitable perks. You can imagine the whole thing a little like in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, in which you expand your own village bit by bit and thus improve your character.

More official pictures from the reboot:

Editor’s opinion

Dennis Michel

@ DemiG0rgon

Everything done right at first glance, that was my thought after the event with Saints Row developer Volition. Although I’ve had a lot of fun with the exaggerated Open World series since part 3, the question about Gat ouf of Hell was “where is this going to go now?”. It didn’t have to be more than conquering space and a detour to hell.

To go back to the roots a little in the reboot, to reinvent yourself a bit, but generally not to lose sight of the action and humor, sounds extremely promising. The reboot also made a solid impression as a Crossgen title from a purely visual point of view, although you shouldn’t expect a graphic miracle here.

My biggest question mark so far is still behind the building feature, with which we are expanding our Saints empire and improving the character of The Boss step by step. A question mark, however, not because I don’t trust Volition to implement the motivational feature, but simply because I haven’t seen enough of the Stand part.

What is your first impression of the Saints Row reboot. Does the more down-to-earth approach suit you or would you have liked a game on the level of Saints Row 4?



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