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Pitch Perfect 3 – Anna Kendrick & Rebel Wilson 2017 back

When a small musical comedy called Pitch Perfect 2 returns almost ten times its production costs on a budget of less than $ 30 million, Hollywood has only one reaction: Sequel. The decisive aspect for the success of the now planned Pitch Perfect 3 is of course the cast, who played a major role in the success of the two previous films about a group of young a cappella singers. Fans of the series now have every reason to be happy, because two of the most important cast members are also on board for the third part.

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/Movie announced that both Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will appear again in Pitch Perfect 3. Neither actress was originally signed for a third installment, but the bombastic success of Pitch Perfect 2 will have prompted the Universal production studio to secure two of the key cast members for the sequel. Two other people who will remain loyal to the franchise are scriptwriters Kay Cannon and Elizabeth Banks, who have already been established as producers and who may end up taking the chair again. Your will is definitely there (we reported ).

It remains to be seen whether actresses like Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow and Katey Sagal will oil their voices again for Pitch Perfect 3. In the USA, moviegoers will be exactly that from July 21, 2017 experienced, then part 3 starts in the cinemas. In this country, the film will surely arrive in our cinemas on a timely date for the US release.

Are you excited to see Pitch Perfect 3 hit theaters in just two years?

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