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OnlyFans doesn’t want to ban anything

Starting in October, the OnlyFans platform, which was largely known for its explicitly sexual content, wanted to ban it from its domain. For this, the site received massive criticism from the (LGBTI *) sex workers who fought for their livelihood there. Now OnlyFans is rowing back.

OnlyFans is looking for alternative solutions

The side doesn’t want to change the guidelines after all. However, they still want to introduce innovations in order to satisfy banks and credit card companies. For example, you could ask for a passport from the Creators and proof of age from customers. Such measures are intended to prevent sexual abuse and to prevent minors from accessing such content.

Many have already migrated

Despite the new announcement, OnlyFans will still have suffered considerable damage. For many adult performers, income from subscriptions has become indispensable, according to PinkNews. So it’s no wonder that they felt betrayed by the site – especially since it was they who made it popular today. They threatened to migrate to other platforms. Because as porn actor Josh Moore said (SCHWULSSIMO reported): OnlyFans is by far not the only platform of its kind. Many have therefore already moved to other sites and have deleted their OnlyFans accounts. According to The Advocate, some new platforms have even emerged, such as MYstar by rapper Tyga or Wonderland by Big Brother star Jozea Flores.

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