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Natalie Portman – Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Nerd – Streaming

Ambition can be so sexy: Star Natalie Portman shows where the hammer hangs – with brains and consistency.

At the age of twelve, she completed an apprenticeship as a killer (“Léon – The Professional”). At 18, she rose to be queen of the galaxy, although Natalie Portman couldn’t distinguish “Star Wars” from “Star Trek” when she was cast for the role of Padmé Amidala. She skipped the premiere of “Episode I” in 1999 to look for graduation – and was best of the year.

See Natalie Portman in her most beautiful roles in our picture gallery:

The ambitious Natalie Portman has always set clear priorities: “I’d rather be smart than a movie star.” So the celebrated actress didn’t just go crazy with her studies in psychology and neuroscience at the elite Harvard University, but made films on the side. She has now been in front of the camera for over a quarter of a century.

She worked hard to win the Oscar for the ballet thriller “Black Swan” (2010), literally with blood and sweat. Natalie Portman is delicate (1.60 meters) but tough. Of course she wanted a powerful heroine role. At the time, however, the part of Black Widow went to Scarlett Johansson, Christopher Nolan made Anne Hathaway his Catwoman (“The Dark Knight Rises”). Portman finally entered the superhero cosmos with “Thor” as astrophysicist Jane Foster. A scientist who discovers new worlds suits her. Now she has even made it to the position of cosmonaut.

The psychodrama “Lucy in the Sky” (Monday, May 31, 8:15 pm, Sky Cinema premieres) about an ambitious NASA astronaut in crisis is inspired by a true case – and fits perfectly into Portman’s character filmography. “Even as a child I dreamed of emulating Valentina Tereschkowa: she was the first woman in space,” says the actress. “When I was allowed to slip into the spacesuit, I was in seventh heaven!”

After her first space flight, Lucy fights doggedly for the next mission, everyday life on earth becomes too tight for her. “This is what drug withdrawal should feel like,” Portman believes. “Lucy wants to experience this exhilaration, the kick again. She is also a perfectionist and puts herself under pressure until she literally explodes. Lucy pursues her goal ruthlessly, which doesn’t exactly make her likable. Even I asked myself while shooting: is that too hard now? But it’s just unfamiliar. We see far too few complicated women in films! ”Portman also wants to contribute to this change with her own production company. In any case, Lucy can do a lot with Lucy’s claim to be the best.

However, she is never aloof, which she attributes to her studies. “In psychology, as in acting, it’s about putting yourself in other people’s shoes, so basically it’s about empathy. I know that the world doesn’t turn around me! ”

Anyone who wants to interpret their principles as airs – okay. This is Portman, who is also considered Hollywood’s eco-queen and at her wedding with “Black Swan” choreographer Benjamin Millepied placed more emphasis on sustainability than on glamor, no matter what. As a staunch vegan, she has annoyed some art directors because she refuses to wear fur or leather. On June 9th, the consequent Natalie Portman celebrates her 40th birthday, five days later her son Aleph turns ten.

Incidentally, the family and four-year-old Amalia moved from Paris to Los Angeles. Not because of its proximity to Hollywood, Millepied heads the LA Dance Project. His wife takes over the hammer. In “Thor: Love and Thunder” Natalie alias Jane becomes the goddess of thunder. For the film, which is currently being shot in Australia, she got herself into the shape of her life – a matter of honor.



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