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Muscle warfare makes Will Smith a better person – and an internet joke

Closets like Dwayne Johnson or Chris Hemsworth transform their biceps for their roles in single family homes. Will Smith, on the other hand, is currently gasping even with the smallest weight: In the muscle war, he deliberately makes himself ridiculous while he tries to get rid of his corona body.

That is wonderfully self-deprecating – but also surprisingly humble for an actor who In the past, the brute ego of the enlightened one often swept out. What happened?

Will Smith’s big mouth in the infamous After Earth interview

At the end of the 2010s, Smith was considered a Hollywood guarantor for rain of money at the box office. as one of the most successful actors in the dream factory He not only helped franchises such as Men in Black or Bad Boys – Harte Jungs to success, but also drove success to lofty heights in comparatively small films such as Hitch or the former screenwriter slow-moving Hancock. He was nominated twice for an Oscar. Maybe it got to his head.

Early career high point: Will Smith in Men in Black

Notorious in this regard is an interview that Smith gave in 2013 for the sci-fi hit After Earth (via Vulture ). With his son Jaden, he shares sentences there that make him seem like one rapt Hollywood star with ego on steroids, a would-be guru and ultra-careerist at the same time.

Gigantic sci-fi flop: After Earth now on Amazon Prime

He was “a student of patterns”says Smith there, and “physicist at heart”who after the “Theory of Everything” seek. The confusion may then have become apparent on the face of his interlocutor, because the actor explained that “the media cannot handle the complexity of our statements.”

What is astonishing on this side, however, is his statement that he “some of the greatest filmmakers and actors and producers on earth” I know and can help his son better with his acting career. That someday from “multidimensional mathematics” does not make it any better.

The impression remains that both already consider their breaths to be an enrichment for humanity. But this assumption will soon be put to the test.

Box office defeat: Will Smith’s career took a dip

Will Smith’s “most painful failure”: After Earth with son Jaden

Because After Earth is a flop and for Will Smith his most painful failure. The colossal failure of the film casts a shadow over the reputation of the cinema golden boy: From this point on, moderate successes (Focus) alternate with further flops (Shattering Truth). With blockbusters like Suicide Squad, Aladdin or Bad Boys For Life it now works like this as if the franchise had helped the actor – and not the other way around.

The fact that he is no longer guaranteed box office success seems to have sobered Smith – most recently with the sci-fi blockbuster Gemini Man. What probably brought him back down to earth the most was the feeling that he felt the same way as most people in the corona crisis that followed.

Bicep Rise: Muscle Warfare Makes Will Smith A Meme

He got lazy and put on fat pads, neglected exercise and lay around. How should he after the “Theory of Everything” looking for when everything is closed, no projects are fueling the spirits and all the big questions about life come to nothing due to the lack of a change of scenery? You’d rather use muffins and pizza. That’s good, I say! The pandemic powerlessness seems to have trimmed his egotripping mind.

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“I want to be honest with you guys, I’m in the worst shape of my entire life”Smith wrote down recently Instagram and from now on announces rigorous training. This muscle entry is a bit advanced and therefore, strictly speaking, no reason for joy. But the former Beverly Hills shaman can now make fun of himself with no problem and this is a good place to start.

He even makes his helpless fitness poses available as a meme resource and asks with a wink, “not in any precarious situations” to be photomounted. A video shows Smith behaving in the gym, as if Corona had flashed him:

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At this point you will find external content from Instagram, which complements the article. You can display it and hide it again with one click.

Some may see this as a marketing gimmick, others as a desperate attempt to stay relevant. It comes down to the same thing, however: Smith targets himself in situations we all know. The flights through the esosphere are over. In the last resort, the training competition brought Will Smith back to earth with a barbell.

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What do you think of Will Smith’s Instagram presence?

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