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Mois criticizes women on OnlyFans


Although the platform was ridiculed by many, you can now see it linked to more people than social media than you might have expected at first. Originally, the OnlyFans page was intended for individual graphic content that anyone with a subscription to this person can access.

But in the meantime the site has not only been reserved for porn stars for a long time – there are numerous influencers, YouTubers or rappers with a paid account on the platform! We are currently experiencing how more and more greats in the rap scene are getting an OnlyFans account, or at least obviously playing with the idea!

The German rapper Juju recently gave up and stood against the platform. Her rap colleagues Nura and Katja Krasavice have already made a name for themselves on the platform in the past and offer paid subscriptions for their revealing images and services.


After Juju, the Keller boss is another acute attack on the German rap scene against the hype surrounding OnlyFans. The YouTuber becomes downright socially critical and compares the situation between men and women on the Internet from today to before. In today’s situation he includes the nude platform. So it is said:

(Formerly) He: “Send a picture” in the hope of simply saying – that he likes it – since the brother is a virgin weebfigur he is ashamed to say so directly. She: “you are the horny bird that only reduces me to my appearance”

(Today) He: sees a nice girl goes to profile eig wanted to chat with her only – sees only fans account is linked. Then he googles the name and gets the pictures for free on Reddit. She: “I earn my cash as a self-confident woman whose qualities are not just about my appearance”

Here you can see Mois’s contribution:

Mois via Instagram story

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