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Mark Wahlberg: This is his workout for the perfect six-pack

A six-pack like Mark Wahlberg? That’s how it’s done!

Mark Wahlberg is 50 years old, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop exercising, working hard, and getting up early for some of the toughest workouts in Hollywood.

As with any actor, part of Mark Wahlberg’s job is looking good and being in good shape so that he can choose his roles. However, the “Shooter” star takes his fitness to a very “interesting” extreme and ultimately proves that when it comes to fitness, age is just a number and should never be allowed to become an obstacle. (More on the topic: 5 fitness exercises for the beach with which you can keep your summer body even on vacation)

Mark Wahlberg: fitness freak at the age of 50

Ever since he was young, when he was still known as rapper Marky Mark, Wahlberg has followed a brutal workout routine and followed a strict diet that enabled him to maintain his muscle mass. He also does various exercises that are very effective and can be performed anywhere.

According to the actor, his favorite exercises are the high intensity ones as they keep the body burning calories for a few hours after training. And the best part is that, like Will Smith, The Rock, Chris Hemsworth and all the muscle men in the movie industry, he often shares his favorite workouts and exercises so his fans and followers can get an idea of ​​what it takes to get the body in shape for a life in front of the camera. (Also interesting: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s training is so tough)

Mark Wahlberg devotes a lot of time and energy to his body.

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Mark Wahlberg’s six-pack training

Of course, the actor trains in a gym and uses all the equipment and weights that are available, accompanied by a personal trainer who makes sure that he does not lose his shape, intensity and concentration; but he also does some exercises that can be done at home and that do not require such professional or expensive equipment.

What you need:

In one of his recent Instagram videos, the actor shared an essential abs workout that can be done anywhere: all you need is an exercise ball (like a yoga or pilates ball), a resistance band, and a place to anchor it can.

What you have to do:

The “Wahlberg Crunch” is a Pilates movement. Lie with your back (in the middle) on the ball, put your feet on the floor, and grab the resistance band (that’s already anchored to a column, chair, or object that doesn’t move while you pull ) with both hands and pull forward while alternately bringing your knees to your chest, always using your core as a fulcrum and creating force to keep yourself on top of the ball. (Also read: What helps against sore muscles? The best tips from the experts)

Since you need to constantly balance yourself on the ball, this exercise helps develop the muscles of the back, buttocks, and biceps; it involves the legs and is a hard and intensive workout for your core and abdominal muscles from different angles.

Mark Wahlberg’s secret is Pilates, and you should try it too because it’s a sport that burns fat, builds strength and endurance, prevents injuries, and makes you more efficient in other types of exercise, which means you’ll see better results in less time .

You don’t have to do Mark Wahlberg’s entire fitness routine to get fit, but if you want to get a six pack made of steel, mimicking this ab workout is a good idea.

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