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Mark Wahlberg regrets massive weight gain for new film ·

Mark Wahlberg put on a few pounds for the drama “Stu”. Although he was looking forward to it at first, he later regretted it, Wahlberg said.

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  • Born: June 5th, 1971 in Dorchester, Massachusetts USA
  • Jobs: Actor, producer

The highest art of acting consists in being fully absorbed in the role to be played. In order to be able to play a character – especially those that are based on a real personality – credibly, the actors * not only use their own and other memories, sometimes they also subject their bodies to a transformation in order to get even closer to the source material: Robert De Niro first trained hard for the role of boxer Jake LaMotta in Martin Scorsese’s “Like a Wild Bull”, only to gain almost 30 kilos to be able to embody the older LaMotta.

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Mark Wahlberg has now also followed this path. Even if the 50-year-old wouldn’t necessarily be associated with meticulous method acting, he began his acting career in the character field before moving to action camp. Just think of the great “Boogie Nights”. Already for Michael Bay’s “Pain & Gain” Wahlberg had gained almost 20 kilos of muscle mass within seven weeks in order to be able to play the bodybuilder Daniel Lugo more realistically.

But that shouldn’t have been too difficult for Wahlberg, because he says he gets up at 2:30 a.m. every day to be able to train. It was different, however, with his new film project “Stu”. In the biopic he plays the boxer Stuart Long who becomes a priest. And that made it necessary for Wahlberg to get really fit and then really fat. To be more precise, he had to put on 15 kilos in three weeks. Gaining weight in particular bothered him, as he told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show:

“Unfortunately, I had 7,000 calories for two weeks [am Tag] and then eat 11,000 calories for two more weeks. And it was fun for maybe an hour. It’s such a tough, physical thing. To lose weight, you just struggle through; you don’t eat anything and exercise. And here: even if you are full, you get up after a meal and have another meal. I ate every three hours. It wasn’t fun. “

For comparison: 11,000 calories would be around 22 hamburgers a day or 11 kebabs.

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For “Stu”: Mark Wahlberg was initially looking forward to all the food

In “Stu” the plot is based on real events about the former boxer Stuart Long, who had to give up boxing after a jaw operation. After a momentous accident, he found God and became a Catholic priest. In 2014 he died at the age of 50.

Wahlberg is said to have tried to realize the film project for years. In Rosalind Ross, friend of Mel Gibson, who also played, he found the right partner as a director and screenwriter. And Wahlberg really gives 100 percent for the film, as you can see:

It goes without saying that he also struggles through meals without any ifs or buts. At the beginning he imagined it would be really nice to finally take a break from his strict training and nutrition plan (via Jimmy Kimmel Live):

“After the boxing scenes are done, I need to put on as much weight as possible during the film, so I face the challenge of putting on 15 kilos over the next six weeks. They want me to do it as healthily as possible. I just said, ‘Hey, I’ve been following such a tough diet plan for so long, I’ll just eat anything in sight.’ I want bakeries, I want Denny’s, I want pancakes. I want everything I can get my hands on. “

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