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Leonardo DiCaprio: These are his exes

He’s successful, handsome and has a weakness for blonde, slim women – we’re talking of course about Leonardo DiCaprio, whose ex-girlfriends include top models like Giselle Bündchen, Toni Garrn and Co. With the long list of his ex-girlfriends, it is not difficult to see that the Oscar winner likes to date “Victoria’s Secret” angels, but also some mega-stars like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as well as actresses à la Blake Lively Liaison with the 46-year-old is said to be. We went on a search for you and put together all the women in our picture gallery with whom the eternal bachelor was associated.

Leonardo DiCaprio: She is the current girlfriend of the Hollywood star

Surprise: Even with his current girlfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio remains true to his prey scheme, although you have the feeling that his chosen ones are getting younger and younger. Apparently the actor has found a new girl who meets his criteria because Since the end of 2017, the Hollywood star has been tying up with the Argentine model Camila Morrone, who is not only (who would have thought) beautiful, but also very young at 24 years of age. The turtledoves in love are separated by 23 years of age. The beauty was already on the cover of “Vogue” to see and counts beauties like Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner to her circle of friends.

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First appearance as a couple with Camila Morrone at the Oscars

Is it getting serious now between Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone? For the very first time, the Hollywood star brought his girlfriend to the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony on February 9, 2020, surprising his fans – His mother Irmelin Indenbirken took on this role for 15 years after the 46-year-old brought Gisele Bündchen, his girlfriend at the time, with her in 2005. But it was not only the first Oscar night together with Camila, but also her first official appearance as a couple. Both had dressed up for their premiere: While the actor appeared in a suit and bow tie for the biggest film event of the year, she wore a floor-length, shoulder-free dress in pink by designer Carolina Herrera. We hope to see them more often from now on. 😍

After the actor broke up with his ex-girlfriend Nina Agdal in May 2017, love affairs followed with the German model Lorena Rae and his ex Toni Garrn is said to have come closer to the “Titantic” star. But now it seems to have done to him the beautiful Camila, with whom Leonardo DiCaprio has been unofficially dating since January 2018. In August of the same year, the two apparently spent a love holiday in Italy, from where the 23-year-old showed herself on Instagram. And after three years of relationship you can now say that this is between the hottie and the beauty is more than just one of his signature liasons – even if he still doesn’t show up with her in public too often. But somehow we can hardly imagine that the heartthrob will bind themselves to a lady – except for his mother – in the long run …

Will Leonardo DiCaprio’s wedding bells ring soon?

Or maybe yes? For some time now, rumors of the eternal bachelor’s engagement have been circulating. If the US magazine “US Weekly” is to be believed, the Hollywood star should be pretty serious about Camila Morrone. “You are very much in love and it is serious”, an insider is said to have told the magazine. And further: “You talked about getting engaged.” According to the source, Leo should even be ready for children after feeling too young for a wedding, children and family for a long time. We can’t really imagine the Oscar winner as a loving husband and father, but time will tell.

At least things are going in the right direction, because supposedly he is supposed to be at the moment having fun with Camila in corona lockdown. According to insiders, Leo was “24/7 with Camila in his house for months“. It also says:”He’s usually very independent, spends a lot of time with friends, but because of the lockdown, he’s spent most of his time with Camila. “Maybe the next step with the actress is not that far after all. How romantic! 😍

Leonardo DiCaprio to be a dad?

In fact, more and more are currently circulating Rumors that the eternal bachelor could soon become a father. Last but not least, pictures of the American actor did not appear until May 17, showing the Hollywood hottie having a romantic dinner with his partner. Particularly attentive observers want the in these pictures round belly of a pregnant woman recognized. In addition, an eyewitness reports that he saw Camila Morrone swapping her wine glass for a glass of water over a toast. Whether to the The two have not yet revealed any rumors about a baby DiCaprio, a baby together would definitely be the culmination of their almost 4-year relationship. We would be happy if the rumors are confirmed.

He doesn’t support his girlfriend in her acting career

Leonardo DiCaprio has been turtling his model girlfriend Camila Morrone for almost three years, but engagement or baby rumors have not been confirmed so far. Now the Titanic beau is also said to not support his beautiful girlfriend in her acting career. An insider reveals to the American “OK” that DiCaprio has no special treatment in mind for his loved one. He should therefore refuse to introduce them to other Hollywood stars. He is also said to have asked her not to use his name. But it seems to be going uphill for the 23-year-old actress and model: In 2019 she starred in the movie “Mickey and the Bear” and in 2020 she impersonated a role in the romantic comedy “Valley Girl”. We are definitely curious to see what happens next …

We no longer had these ex-girlfriends of Leonardo DiCaprio on our screen

But if you look far back, namely in the first few years of Leo’s acting career, we keep stopping about one or the other lady who we had not yet associated with the “The Revenant” star. In 1995 he allowed himself a hot flirt with none other than the five years older top model Naomi Campbell, with whom he is said to be friends to this day. And also Kate Moss joins his achievements, the now 47-year-old is said to have taken a liking to the successful young talent after his breakthrough with “Titantic”. At the tender age of 24 he was said to have had a hot affair with the blonde.

The Hollywood star has already dated these German women

Between all the pretty women Leonardo DiCaprio dated over the years Incidentally, there are always models with German roots, for whom DiCaprio’s heart beat faster (which of course we can’t blame him 😉). Leo’s own grandmother Helene, whom he called “Grandma” instead of “Grandma” in English, and with whom he had a close relationship, came from the Ruhr area. Not only Toni Garrn, with whom he was together for about a year and a half and whom he is said to have come closer to again and again afterwards, but also the new Victoria’s Secret angel Lorena Rae, with whom he was said to have a liaison, comes from Germany.

His ex-girlfriend Nina Agdal shows off a sexy beach body

If you follow Nina Agdal, one of Leo’s pretty ex-girlfriends, on Instagram, you will just get hooked Flooded images of her dream body. The 29-year-old Danish model regularly posts sexy pictures in a bikini, which constantly motivate us to do something for our dream figure. Next to Pictures on the beach, on which she shows her tight buttocks every now and then, the beauty also shares her workout routines from time to time, to which she owes her washboard abs. In any case, the strenuous effort was worth it. Whether our Titanic darling might want the Danish model back at the sight?

Gisele Bündchen unpacks about her breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio

At the beginning of the 2000s they were considered a dream couple: Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bündchen! But then the top model suddenly separated from the Hollywood star, and she kept the exact reasons to herself for a long time. But now the mother of two unpacked and reveals why the actor no longer fit into her life. Suddenly she realized that she had to change her lifestyle, as she told “Porter”. “I no longer wanted to numb myself with smoking, drinking and too much work, I became more and more aware of things that I had previously looked away from”, said the now 40-year-old. She further explains: “Was I alone with the desire to seriously look for something deeper while he stayed the same? Unfortunately, in the end, the answer was yes.” Between 2000 and 2005, the “Victoria’s Secret” angel and the Oscar actor were a couple and inseparable. In fact, the 2005 Academy Awards were the only time that Leonardo took one of his friends to a public event. Poor Leo! Gisele is now happily married to American football player Tom Brady, with whom she has two children.

Leonardo DiCaprio has never had a girlfriend over 25

While Leonardo DiCaprio has been getting older and older since his Titanic debut and is no longer the sweet boy, his girlfriends don’t pull a trace. An expert created a graphic of the ex-DiCaprios on “Reddit” and came to the, not necessarily surprising, result that no lady was older than 25 at the time of their relationship. Whether Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively or Nina Agdal – all of the Oscar winner’s blonde ex-girlfriends were 25 or younger when he got in touch with them. A clear prey scheme? The current girlfriend, Camila Morrone, is only 24, while Leo is strictly approaching 47. 👀

With so many women you can lose track of things which is why we have summarized the exact list of all of the actor’s exes in our gallery!

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