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Leonardo DiCaprio: He was so nasty behind the scenes!

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the highest paid and most sought after Hollywood stars! No wonder, the guy can really act and looks good too! However, he is not one of the chilliest people to work for. It is said to be quite complicated and, despite its enormous wealth, still demands money from its fans for an autograph! The film that put him on the Hollywood map in the first place was undoubtedly “Titanic” – only it is said to have been particularly unpleasant there, as his body double revealed in an interview. 😱

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DiCaprio ignored his body double

Brett Baker was seven years older and a bit shorter than DiCaprio during the shooting – but the back of her head looked absolutely the same, which is why he was predestined for the role of the body double! But that was it when it came to the relationship between the two of them. DiCaprio had a lot of fun while shooting and partied a lot with his people – also from the set. His double wasn’t there though. For Baker this rejection was doubly bitter, because he only got recognition for being DiCaprio’s double. His own acting achievements were disregarded (not only by DiCaprio, of course). And he never had the great success that such a role can bring. “People think it’s great because I’ve been around or know Leonardo DiCaprio, not because of what I can do as an actor. That’s what annoys me.To be fair, DiCaprio was still young and inexperienced at that time and certainly did not have everything and everyone on such a set on the screen. However, there was still someone who wasn’t happy with DiCaprio’s behavior on the set of “Titanic”!

Cameron wasn’t a DiCaprio fan

What many may not even know: Director James Cameron was not really enthusiastic about DiCaprio! He hired him to play Jack Dawson because he basically had no other choice! Not the best prerequisite for a healthy collaboration. 😂 When DiCaprio arrived for the casting, Cameron noticed that every woman in the building was suddenly in the room during the interview with him – from the secretary to the bouncer.So I thought I’d better cast this guy“Said Cameron. Smart decision! However, the collaboration wasn’t always that great. Do you remember the scene “I am the king of the world” (Joke, everyone who knows the film knows this scene and every other person too 😂)? Yeah, shooting that was a pain for Cameron! He asked DiCaprio to improvise the scene. He explained that to him more than once and DiCaprio’s only answer was always: “What?! ”DiCaprio was not a fan of the lyrics, which Cameron actually came up with very spontaneously. In the end he allowed himself to be persuaded – and suddenly one of the most iconic scenes of all time was born!

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