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John Krasinski raves about his father-in-law


November 01, 2019 – 9:00 am clock

For John Krasinski, his father-in-law is absolutely the “greatest person”.

The 40-year-old actor, who is married to colleague Emily Blunt, recently finished filming the second season of ‘Jack Ryan’ in London and loved spending time with his beloved father-in-law, who lives in the British metropolis. Speaking of his experience while filming, John said on the show ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, “My favorite part of the day was getting back to my father-in-law. By the way, my father-in-law is the greatest person ever. He’s got him Greatest accent and he’s so passionate about everything, so he said, ‘What were you doing today, Johnny?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, you know, I ran over a pair of rooftops and then a man jumps into the Thames.’ “Krasinski then imitated Emily Blunt’s father, using his best British accent. The Hollywood star recalled: “He was like, ‘Really ?! This is absolutely wonderful! Nice for you. This is fantastic! Fantastic.'”

John also recently revealed the secret to his happy marriage: a healthy work-life balance. The actor, who married Emily in 2010 and will raise children Hazel, 5, and Violet, 3, told ‘E! News’: “I have to admit, it happens naturally. It’s one of those things, I was a huge fan of her before I even met her. And I’m still a huge fan of everything she does. We support each other simple, we understand the job, we know we have to travel and things like that, but it’s always about coming home and being together, that’s the most important thing. “

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