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“I would be a lousy detective”

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The British actress shines in the new miniseries ‘Mare of Easttown’, in which she plays the policewoman Mare Sheehan. As she now reveals, she has little resemblance to her character in real life. “I would be a lousy detective. I would definitely be good at drinking coffee and after work, ”jokes the 45-year-old. “But I could never do the job Mare does. I could never be a detective. I don’t think I have the mental stamina. I have stamina – but in a different way. “

That’s why it was a great challenge to take on the role. “She’s not like me at all! It’s pretty scary, but in a great way if you’re an actress like me who likes to be intimidated and exposed, ”says the Titanic actress. “I didn’t do anything like that and was excited to read something that just grabbed me right away.”

The only thing she shares with her character is her sense of family. The Oscar winner has three children from various relationships: Mia (20), Joe (17) and Bear (7). “Her love for her family is what drives them in life and their number one priority. I could identify with that, ”Kate told My Weekly magazine.

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