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Her addiction and psychological problems are much more serious than known


August 24, 2021 – 6:29 PM clock

Britney Spears’ father says the public doesn’t know everything

After 13 years, Jamie Spears (69) gives up guardianship. Since 2008, he had determined his incapacitated daughter Britney Spears (39). And now he’s even asking for praise for his role so far. Because according to the daddy of the pop princess, the psychological problems and their addiction problem are bigger than the public knows so far.

Jamie Spears doesn’t want to be demoned

As reported by the Daily Mail, Britney’s father has now filed documents with the court. In which he is said to claim that people would “praise” him if they knew the confidential information about the gravity of his daughter’s problems. “If the public knew all of the facts about Ms. Spears’ life, all of the addiction problems and mental health issues she was facing, the public would praise Mr. Spears for the job he did instead of him to demonize “, it is said in the 15-page document.

In addition, the singer’s father is said to deny on these pages that he had any control over his daughter’s medication prescriptions. Background: The “Toxic” star had previously claimed that he was regularly given a real cocktail of drugs – as part of his guardianship. But Jamie now opposes that this procedure was agreed with Britney’s psychiatrist, her former lawyer and other medical experts. His role in the medical care of the daughter was only to pay the bills.

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Jamie Spears says he saved his daughter

Instead, another member of the guardianship team is said to have been responsible for planning the medical treatment: Jodi Montgomery. According to the Daily Mail, he paid Jamie $ 10,000 a month (about 8,506 euros) to settle the matter. But the expenses would have often exceeded this amount.

In the document, Jamie washes his hands of innocence. He wanted to “save” his daughter. “There is no doubt that the guardianship saved Ms. Spears from disaster,” he is quoted as saying. The regulation protected her reputation from harm and ensured that Britney could rebuild her career.

The singer herself describes guardianship in court as a violating instrument of control. “My so-called support system has hurt me deeply! This guardianship has killed my dreams,” she said.

New guardian for Britney Spears

Meanwhile, Britney is in new trouble. According to her housekeeper, the star had his dogs neglected. The singer should also get a new guardian. However, one with an explosive history. (nos)

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