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He has already changed so radically for roles

Christian Bale (47) is a gifted actor and came into contact with film and television as a child. His big breakthrough came in 2000 with the film “American Psycho”. He is best known for his extreme physical transformations. He has often had to strain his body for different roles. In the video we show you his changes.

Christian Bale: From 54 to 100 kilograms within a year

Christian Bale presented his body with a great challenge in “The Machinist” from 2004. The actor starved himself to only 54 kilos for his role as “Trevor Reznik”. Just a year later, the star had to change a lot again for a role. For “Batman Begins” he put on a lot of muscle mass and increased his weight back to 100 kilos.

In “Rescue Dawn” he played a prisoner of war and starved himself again, but had to gain muscle again shortly afterwards – for “The Dark Knight”. The boxer drama “The Fighter” in 2010 transformed his body again and lost a few pounds again.

According to “IMDb” he will be seen in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” in 2022. And two more films are also planned with the actor. So it remains to be seen which role Christian Bale will slip into this time and whether he will face the drastic changes in his body again.

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