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Donald Trump: “Do you miss me already?” Trump son etches against Biden

With his Afghanistan policy, US President Joe Biden has brought himself into the line of fire of criticism – but are the Americans already so far as to wish Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump back?

Could Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policy favor ex-President Donald Trump’s return to the White House?
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Since the end of January 2021 Joe Biden as US President in office – a fact that many supporters of his predecessor Donald Trump to this day do not want to admit it. Trump himself was also stubbornly convinced that the result of the presidential election was incorrect and a consequence of corruptionwhy Joe Biden had illegally moved into the White House.

Joe Biden News: Afghanistan Policy Takes US Presidents Under Pressure

Most recently, it was political decisions that brought the Democrat Joe Biden into criticism even among his loyal supporters. Since the Taliban in Afghanistan The US president faces difficult decisions – and announced that he intends to withdraw his US armed forces from the crisis-ridden country by August 31, 2021. Bitter accusations quickly arose that Joe Biden had injected himself with a cowardly appeasement policy and thus paved the way for a third world war.

For the supporters of ex-President Donald Trump, such events are grist to the mill. From the closest circle of Trump, bitter mockery was promptly loud. Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. could not help but publish a nasty swipe against Joe Biden on Instagram – the US entrepreneur uses the platform with preference to stir up mood against Joe Biden and Co.

Nasty swipe at Biden: does the US miss Donald Trump as president?

For his latest swipe at US President Joe Biden, Donald Trump Jr. once again reached deep into the meme box and made a popular statue from the Tarantino western “Django Unchained” his own. Instead of the maliciously grinning face of Leonardo DiCaprio, the version of Donald Trumps Jr. shows the likeness of his father Donald Trump, who looks no less smug. At the latest with the flirtatious question noted about the picture “Do you miss me already?” it becomes clear what Donald Trump Jr. is alluding to with his image montage: Do the American people want Donald Trump back as US President in the face of the bankruptcies of Joe Biden? The answer was straight away: “You know it’s like that,” Donald Trump Jr. put the words in his followers’ mouths.

Trump supporters are calling for Donald Trump to return as President of the United States

Approving applause from the follower camp was of course not long in coming, as a look at the comment column shows. A number of Trump fanatics ventured their wish that Donald Trump would return to the White House as President – it is not entirely out of the question that this scenario will become a reality. For a few months now the signs have been intensifying that Donald Trump could make an attempt to return to the office of US President in the near future.

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