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Does the separation from dad Brad Pitt weigh on your daughter Vivenne?>entertainment>

April 19, 2021 – 9:25 am clock

On a shopping tour with mom

She is only 12 years old – but Vivienne Jolie-Pitt looks like she has to carry the burden of the whole world on her shoulders. In any case, she looks anything but happy on a shopping tour with mom Angelina Jolie (45), as our video shows.

Custody dispute particularly affects the offspring

Often times, when the parents quarrel, the children together suffer most from the situation. So it seems to be the case with Vivienne too. Mum Angelina Jolie and dad Brad Pitt (57) separated over four years ago – but they are still fighting a relentless mud fight today. Above all, it is about the custody of your kids. Only recently, even the oldest offspring of the former couple, Maddox (19), had to testify in court – and against his father.

Angelina thinks: “The children are pretty resilient!”

Is all the stress at the children’s expense worth it? Angelina recently admitted that being a mom is very different from what she had imagined. “I’ve never been very good at sitting still. Though I’ve always wanted a lot of children, I didn’t imagine it that way. I feel like I lack all the skills to be a traditional mom who stays at home.” the Hollywood star reveals. “I can do it because the children are quite resilient and help me, but I’m not good at it at all. Together we are a good team.” Well, is that true ?!

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