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Crazy new Thor was voiced by Chris Hemsworth · KINO.de

The penultimate “Loki” episode officially brought the craziest Thor ever into the MCU. And in fact it was set to music by the Thor star, as we have now learned.

Poster Loki Season 1

– Warning: This is followed by spoilers for episode 5 of “Loki”! –

The end of episode 4 already indicated that “Loki” immersed in a new, even crazier chapter – and episode 5 definitely confirmed it! Instead of being completely wiped out by pruning, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was thrown into the so-called void before the end of time. Alioth was already waiting for him and the other surviving Lokis there, a huge cloud that finally destroys everything it consumes.

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The other Lokis therefore brought the variant we know to safety in their underground bunker at the beginning of the episode. Right before their descent, the Thanos helicopter could already be seen as a great Easter egg and while the camera glides through the soil into the bunker, we see Thor’s hammer Mjölnir as another rather obvious allusion – and shortly afterwards the best Easter egg of all previous series, which some viewers have probably not recognized: Throg, the Thor frog.

Throg really made it into the MCU! © Screenshot from Disney +

Yes, there is actually a frog version of Thor in the jar in the ground, trying to jump out screaming. Throg can only be seen briefly, but the red cloak and the wings on his helmet are clearly visible. The guaranteed craziest interpretation of the Nordic god has now officially made it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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Chris Hemsworth actually spoke Throg on “Loki”

The great news about Throg’s first MCU appearance (composed of “Thor” and “Frog”, the English word for frog) doesn’t stop there: In an interview with For All Nerds, director Kate Herron confirmed that the classic Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth actually also set the green, bouncing version to music:

“We took on Chris Hemsworth for it, only noticed in passing. […] His voice says ‘Ahhh!’. This is a completely new recording. Not recycled. He recorded that. “

“Loki” author Eric Martin also revealed on Twitter that there was another scene with Throg, which did not make it into the series:

“Comic book fans will notice the frog of thunder in this glass. We actually filmed a scene for the Zeit Theater in episode 1 where Loki is being hit by Frosch-Thor, but we had to cut it out to keep everything moving. Really a shame, because Tom [Hiddleston] was damn funny. “

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In the Zeit-Theater in episode 1, Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) showed Loki not only memories but also events that would have taken place in his normal timeline. Unfortunately, the tweet does not reveal whether the Throg appearance is also a recording or whether he physically appears in the room and beats Loki. All fans would certainly like to see the scene and if we have already received a longer Zemo dance, hopefully more Throg should make it to us.

This is Throg: How a man became the frog of thunder

In the comics, Throg is part of Erde-97161, on which the Pet Avengers act, animal versions of the Marvel heroes. However, the mighty frog here does not come from Asgard, but was once a human named Simon Walterson. After tragically losing his wife and unborn child, Simon found a witch through whom he could talk to his deceased wife in the afterlife. However, he was unable to pay the witch, who then turned him into a frog as a punishment.

In this guise, Simon joined a group of frogs in Central Park, New York City and was given the name Puddlegulp. Coincidentally, the real Thor from Asgard was nearby, who in fact had also been turned into a frog. Fortunately for the frogs, finally a war broke out between them and a group of rats, in which Thor, despite his frog shape as a mighty warrior, was an important reinforcement.

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Ultimately, Thor left the frogs again, but when he said goodbye, one of the goats that was pulling his chariot stepped on the Mjolnir hammer, causing a small piece to split off. Puddlegulp, alias Frosch-Simon, was able to pick it up, turning the splinter into a mini hammer, bearing the name Frogjolnir received. This in turn enabled Puddlegulp to transform himself into Throg, the frog of thunder.

So you see, we weren’t exaggerating when we called this the craziest iteration of Thor. While the question arises as to what the Marvel authors actually smoke, we and many fans can of course only express our joy that Throg has now made it into the MCU.

Of course, we hope that his brief appearance as an Easter egg will not stop there. After all, Throg and the Pet Avengers earn significantly more, if not their own film series, then at least an entire series. So we keep our fingers crossed that the multiverse will bring this great story to the MCU. First of all, however, awaits us on July 14, 2021 on Disney + the last episode of the first season of “Loki”. Hopefully with more throg.

Whether as a frog or normal: which member of the Avengers is most similar to you? Figure it out!

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