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Cameron Diaz: Unusual diet for daughter Raddix

Cameron Diaz
Unusual diet for daughter Raddix

Cameron Diaz


Carrots, apples and millet porridge: Anyone who thinks that dishes like this are on the table at Cameron Diaz and her daughter Raddix are seriously mistaken. In an interview, the proud mother revealed her daughter’s unusual food preferences.

For Cameron Diaz, motherhood is the best job in the world. The former top earner among Hollywood stars was only too happy to swap red carpets and film sets for the kitchen at home and daughter Raddix’s nursery.

In an interview with talk show host Rachael Ray, the 48-year-old reveals details from her well-protected private life with husband Benji Madden, 41, and their daughter. In the “Rachael Roy Show” on Monday (November 23rd), the “Three Angels for Charlie” star comes out as a thoroughbred housewife and passionate cook.

“I love to cook”

“For me, cooking is the language of love. I love to cook for my husband and daughter,” said Diaz in the preview of the program. For the first four months she prepared every meal for Raddix herself. Then, however, the blonde admits, the meander also returned to her million dollar villa. “Then we slowly started to say: ‘Oh, let’s order lunch. Maybe let’s order dinner.’ But for the most part she still cooks herself today, says Cameron Diaz.

The late motherhood seems to bring a certain basic relaxation with the popular actress – a quite surprising development. Instead of child-friendly baby food, the small Raddix has a very varied range of products on the menu. “She has never had puree,” says the proud mom of the TV presenter.

Baby food? Not for Raddix!

Garlic and fresh herbs are particularly popular with the barely one year old. The same goes for thyme, dill, and beef broth. Not necessarily the typical favorite dishes of a toddler. But just like her daughter, Mama Cameron seems to agree with the diet.

The enthusiastic sportswoman has dealt with the topics of fitness, physical health and diet for more than two decades because of her job. All the better that Cameron Diaz makes everything possible for her daughter today.




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