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Bitcoin payment initiative in Ulm and Neu-Ulm

A group of people interested in crypto money in a beer garden in Neu-Ulm directly on the Danube is concerned with nothing less than financial freedom. A regulars’ table is currently meeting here. The group is called “Bitcoin in the Tower” because it usually gathers in the nearby Danube Tower. Bitcoin supporters regularly organize these meetings and discuss with like-minded people about everything to do with cryptocurrency, which works without banks and, according to the members of the regulars’ table, promises a high level of data protection. “It’s not about digital payment. It’s always been there. It’s about the fact that I can decide for myself what will happen with my money,” says a regular visitor who does not want to reveal her name in public. Privacy is particularly important to her.

Bitcoin technical and legal support for merchants

The members of the Bitcoin get-together from Ulm want to make the crypto currency Bitcoin accessible and understandable to even more people. To this end, they have submitted an application for the “Smart City” project to the city of Ulm. Under this umbrella name, cities want to develop concepts on various levels in order to become more digital and progressive. For example in administration, but also in the area of ​​mobility or retail. The Bitcoin round table plan is to educate citizens on how to pay with Bitcoin. They want to help merchants to convert their POS systems to Bitcoin – including legal and tax advice. The traders would also benefit from low transaction fees compared to credit card payments, argue the Bitcoin supporters present.

“Science Fiction” for the Ulm and Neu-Ulm area

The project would be based in Ulm. Thanks to partners such as universities and transport associations, payment with Bitcoin would also be possible in the greater Ulm and Neu-Ulm area, according to the idea. That would be unique nationwide, according to the participants of the round table. “In a way, it’s science fiction. It’s an idea and a construct that is directed towards the future,” enthuses Stammtisch member Simon. According to Bitcoin followers Pierre, Ulm and Neu-Ulm would then be pioneers. “That is what we want to achieve. To present Ulm as a city of the future.”

City of Ulm checks the Bitcoin application

It has not yet been determined whether the project will be able to start as part of Smart City Ulm. The city of Ulm states that the project submission is still being examined. If the Bitcoin project is not accepted, the Stammtisch still wants to continue with its idea. On a smaller scale, they then want to inform interested dealers and customers how the cryptocurrency works. One of the common beginner questions is how to buy Bitcoin. Regulars’ table participant Pierre has brought a self-made Bitcoin machine with him. It’s the size of a shoebox. A minicomputer, a coin reader and a display are built into it. If you want to withdraw Bitcoin by inserting a coin, you only need a special app on your mobile phone with which you can scan the QR code on the display. “And the money is on it,” said Pierre a few seconds after inserting the coin.

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