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Best Crypto Staking Sites – Passive Income with Cardano (ADA) Staking

Since the first crypto hype in 2017, digital currencies have been on everyone’s lips. In recent months, cryptocurrencies have become more and more the focus of society. Most people are probably familiar with the mining of cryptocurrencies. This describes, in a simplified manner, the verification of outstanding transactions with a new block. The situation is different with staking. It is not necessary to have the same computing power as in mining. Rather, it is about the return on your own investments. With the proportion of coins that you own, you can confirm the transactions of the digital currency. Crypto investors can thus generate a completely passive income.

The Cardano crypto project has enjoyed great popularity in recent weeks. A price explosion made it number 3 in the global crypto market. But not only the price development offers great potential for all Cardano-HODLER. They can also benefit from their ADA coins with so-called staking.

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Cardano staking at Coinbase

The largest US crypto trading exchange Coinbase is largely known to the public. At the latest after the media-effective IPO at the beginning of the year, there is hardly a way around Coinbase when talking about crypto trading exchanges. In addition to trading in various cryptocurrencies, you can also earn staking rewards with Cardano at Coinbase.

Cardano staking at Kraken

Another crypto trading platform is Kraken. In 2011 Kraken was founded in the USA. This makes Kraken one of the pioneers in the field of digital currencies. Here investors can conveniently trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. At the same time, the Kraken Exchange also offers the opportunity to stake coins. Since May of this year, the Kraken platform has also started staking for the native token of the Cardano platform.

Cardano staking at Binance

At the beginning of 2021, the crypto trading exchange Binance launched an offer with which ADA owners can stake the cryptocurrency. This allows you to benefit from lucrative rewards at one of the most important trading venues for cryptocurrencies. Binance offers staking free of charge for customers. Thus, you can not only own the ADA Coins, but also use them specifically to generate passive income. From now on, Binance will take care of the staking without any effort when the coins are in the Binance wallet.

Cardano staking with its own wallet

At the same time, with a little more effort, you can also stake Cardano yourself. A separate wallet is required for this. For example, if you buy ADA from eToro or a crypto trading exchange, you must then transfer this to your own wallet. If you have ADA on your wallet, you can delegate the coins to a staking pool of your choice. The Cardano staking pools offer different conditions and possibilities. This is where all ADA owners need to research to find the best staking pool. Because the historical return can also differ significantly from time to time, and the same applies to security.

Cardano staking at eToro

Another popular way to trade cryptocurrencies is through the online broker eToro. The Cypriot broker offers the purchase and sale of stocks, ETFs, CFDs or cryptocurrencies. The offer is extremely diverse, at the same time the trading platform convinces with comfort and security. At the same time, eToro now also offers the staking of crypto currencies. With the delegation to so-called staking pools, rewards can be earned for each validation. For example, eToro takes over the staking for the customers at Cardano, so that the ADA inventory increases automatically.

Is Cardano staking worth it?

With the Proof of Stake concept behind Cardano, no miners are required to validate transactions. With staking via crypto trading exchanges or brokers like eToro, ADA owners do not need any prior knowledge. Some studies have come to the conclusion that with Cardano staking, returns of between four and six percent per year are possible. The staking rewards then benefit the investors as ongoing payouts. Cardano owners can therefore think about increasing the return through price gains – staking is an attractive option that, thanks to eToro and Co., requires little effort. According to the Staking Rewards website, a return of 6.27% per year is currently expected.

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