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Beaten by Amber Heard? Sister because of a lie targeted

Does this video challenge Amber Heard’s credibility? Johnny Depp (57) is currently conducting a defamation process against a British newspaper for calling him a “woman beater” in the course of his war of the roses with Amber. The curse of the Caribbean star not only rejects the allegations, but also accuses his ex-wife of domestic violence. So on Thursday Amber’s sister had Whitney Henriquez made a statement and claims that the “Drive Angry” actress has never been violent, at least towards her – however, a video now seems to prove exactly the opposite!

As Mirror reported, put Johnnys Lawyer David Sherborne presented a video to the court on Friday that was said to have been shot between 2006 and 2007 as part of a reality TV project. In it is Whitney seen with a group of women at a pool. One of the women speaks to the blonde very directly about an incident with her sister: “I can’t believe Amber beat you up. I know you could take on her. She really spanked your bum. “The stranger looks at several places worried Whitneys Body on – The latter emphasizes several times that she does not want to talk about the topic.

There Johnnys Attorney sees the clip as evidence that Whitney lied in her testimony, she had to make a statement on the video on Friday: she denied the allegations that there was a fight between her and Amber – instead, she claims that the broadcaster wanted to make the show a little more exciting at the time: “You tried to tell a story where there wasn’t one. You wanted to make a very boring conversation more interesting”she explains.

“Drive Angry” star Amber Heard in July 2020
Johnny Depp in London in July 2020
Actress Amber Heard in Beverly Hills in January 2019

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