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Austrian artist in a new music video by Lizzo and Cardi B

In the music video for “Rumors” by Lizzo and Cardi B. not only the ancient Greeks play a major role, but also an Austrian artist.

She is responsible for the female forms in the background of the video.

Sculptures from Austria in the music video

The music video for “Rumors” celebrates the female body in all its facets. The video shows Lizzo and Cardi B. in the style of Greek antiquity, dressed like muses. The two sing about the pressure from the public that weighs heavily on women in the music industry.

Lizzo picks up on rumors and headlines about her from the past. She emphasizes that the hateful comments and gossip articles online can no longer harm her. “You spend your whole Time to break a woman. It’s real crap. Come on baby, take a look around ”, Lizzo sings and makes it clear: She stands by herself and her body; no matter what the others say.

These Self love is also visually underlined. In the video they are different female bodies to see, sensuality and feminine forms are clearly in focus. But what many may not have noticed yet: The Sculptures of women in the background of the video are made by the Austrian artist Andrea Kollar.

Sculptures are reminiscent of Lizzo and Cardi B.

Kollar got the chance through an employee of the video’s Paris production company. During the production process for the video, the employee “Sophia” and “Hermione” – the two sculptures by the artist that are on his side table at home – inspired.

He saw the similarities between the two vases with Lizzo and Cardi B. “Hermine” stands for Lizzo and “Sophia” for Cardi B. The sculptures were then called 3D silhouettes in the music video built-in.

Image: Director Tanu Muino

“Great honor” for Andrea Kollar

Kollar has long been concerned with women’s bodies in her work. Her drawings and sculptures reduce the female body to its shapes and lines and emphasize the sensuality of the most varied of body shapes.

“Many women from all over the world write to me that this is their first time Seeing women with curves in art and think it’s beautiful, ”she says about her work. “My works of art deliberately have bums and thighs. Identifying with the beauty of these curves helps women develop theirs to see your own beauty.

Against this background, the collaboration with Lizzo and Cardi B. seems ideal. “As an artist who deals with the female body in her work, of course it is Great honor to be part of the video of singer and body positivity icon Lizzo to be, ”she says.

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