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Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Jealous Drama

Mila Kunis, 35, is seething with rage: The comments of some celebrity ladies fuel the jealousy of the wife of Ashton Kutcher, 40. “This man is incredibly good at kissing!” No, that betrayed not Ashton’s wife, but his colleague!

Amanda Peet: “Ashton Kutcher was my best kissing partner”

How many foreign kissers can a marriage withstand? Mila Kunis is worried about this at the moment – even if her husband Ashton Kutcher only makes out with other women on a professional basis. Actress Amanda Peet, 46, provided fuel for a new marriage crisis, because she trumpeted on Andy Cohen’s US talk show that Ashton was her best kissing partner ever. “He is one a smooth nine“, she whispered as they watched the movie together “Something like love” remembered.

Then the married woman immediately noticed how inappropriate her statement was, and so did she reduced to “Eight”. But too late: Mila saw the performance and cooked. Understandable! She alone should speak about her husband’s lover qualities – if at all!

Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz & Co. rave about Mila’s husband

The mother of two is really annoyed that an old flame is interfering again. Especially because Ashton set an example the week before last and finally cut the last connection to his ex-wife Demi Moore, 55, by selling their property together (OK! reported).
However, she still has to deal with the fact that other women desire him. “He is damn hot “, Katherine Heigl, 39, whistled after filming together, for example. And Cameron Diaz, 46, declared on the sidelines of filming too “Love Vegas”:

He knows how to get hold of a woman.

Incidentally, that was shortly after his wedding to Mila. Ouch! Even his great love for series “Two and a Half Men” Sophie Winkleman, 38, raves: “We got on really well – in front of and behind the camera.”

No wife likes to hear that … especially because Ashton does formerly unfaithful was. When will he get weak next time? A question that keeps Mila awake.

Your marriage suffers from jealousy. That’s why Ashton rarely takes on roles in romances,

knows a buddy. But is that really the solution?

Text: Meike Rhoden

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