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Andie McDowell Gray Hair: Your management opposed it

Andie McDowell
Hair like George Clooney – but her management wanted to forbid her

Andie McDowell

Andie McDowell at the Cannes Film Festival in early July

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The actress Andie McDowell had to speak a power word to her management – because of a few strands of gray hair.

Andie McDowell is known for her dark locks. But in the pandemic, the American actress skipped regular visits to the hairdresser and so her natural hair color came to the fore. And it’s gray – at least on the temples and on the hairline. Actually nothing special, after all, McDowell is now over 60. But that was a problem for her management, as she said in an interview.

“My management told me that now was not a good time for this,” says the 63-year-old. But their three children – Justin Qualley, 35, Rainey Qualley, 31, and Margaret Qualley, 26 – encouraged her to keep the hair color natural. Therefore, McDowell made an announcement to her management without further ado. “I told them that they were wrong and that I would have more power if I stood by it. It was time because in two years I will be 65. Then it will be too late for silver streaks. And I wanted them always have, “she says.

“I like to compare myself to George Clooney – why not?”

She likes to compare her to George Clooney. Because while looking for role models for the look, she came across many prominent men, but almost no women. No wonder, given that Hollywood is notoriously famous for its obsession with youthful looks – especially among women. At first, McDowell thought about wearing wigs, but in the end she had never felt as powerful and right as she did now in a natural look.

“When it comes to job opportunities, I personally find that this is how I look more interesting. But I’ve suffered as an actress in this business because people always wanted me to look younger.” Her wish is that the same expectations apply to women as to men. “We don’t do that to men. We love older men. We love it when men get older,” said the actress.

At the Cannes Film Festival in early July, McDowell’s silver mane was well received on the red carpet.

Source: “Vogue”


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