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After the shower debate by Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: Is daily showering harmful?

Several times a day, several times a week or less often? When it comes to how often you completely clean your body, opinions differ. Recently, various Hollywood stars have sparked discussion with their statements that they rarely shower themselves and their children. So how often is showering good for the skin? We asked an expert.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher recently caused all sorts of irritated looks when they reported in the podcast “Armchair Expert” by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman that they rarely showered their four and six year old children and themselves. “If you can see the dirt, you should wash it. Otherwise there is no point,” explained the actor, adding that he himself soaps his “armpits and crotch every day and nothing else.” Ashton’s wife Mila agreed with her husband that she too washed her face twice a day, but not her body with soap once a day.

Dax Shepard and his wife Kristen Bell joined the mini-anti-bathing movement, explaining on The View that they often forget to bathe their six- and eight-year-old daughters. “I’m a big fan of waiting for the smell,” said Bell. “As soon as you get a whiff of it, it’s the way biology tells you to clean it up.”

Even Hollywood hottie Jake Gyllenhaal came out as a bath refuser. “I find bathing is becoming less and less necessary,” he revealed in an interview with “Vanity Fair” last week. “I believe that not bathing is really helpful for skin care, it’s how we cleanse ourselves naturally”.

How healthy is not showering really?

Jürgen Blaak, Head of Cosmetic Science and Regulatory at Kneipp

Jürgen Blaak, Head of Cosmetic Science and Regulatory at Kneipp

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We asked Jürgen Blaak, Head of Cosmetic Science and Regulatory at Kneipp, whether it is actually healthy for the skin not to shower more often and whether, on the other hand, daily showering can damage the skin.

GALA: Is daily showering harmful to the skin?

Jürgen Blaak: “No, that cannot be said across the board. Even if there are certain skin diseases for which skin cleansing should follow special dermatological guidelines and recommendations, this is the case Cleansing common skin conditions (oily skin, combination skin, dry and very dry skin) absolutely not harmful – But on the contrary! Cleansing the skin and taking a shower are unfortunately far too often viewed as “nice to have”, i.e. not absolutely necessary for our skin health and well-being. The daily and frequent shower is sometimes not advised – wrongly, as we think. “

According to the expert, the selection of the right care product is essential: “Shower products should generally be mild and gentle on the skin and be particularly well tolerated. In addition, the product should be pH-friendly to the skin. Effect and tolerance are usually indicated on the product. In addition, modern shower products should not only have been successfully dermatologically tested, but should also have been examined with regard to their influence on the skin’s own microbiome. Make sure that the shower product is microbiome-friendly, ie it should not damage the skin’s own microbiome.

How often should you shower per week?

With mild and modern shower recipes, nothing stands in the way of the daily shower experience, on the contrary, because skin cleansing has many positive effects that go beyond simply “cleaning” the surface of the skin. Why should we forego these effects for a long time?

Cleansing the skin removes dead skin cells, “leftovers” of cosmetic products, but also environmentally-related dirt particles, such as fine dust from the face, body and hair – it is therefore a very important step in skin care. In addition, the shower is of great social and communicative importance for us due to its deodorizing and scenting properties.

In addition, we now know that cleaning the skin with pH-skin-ideal products stabilizes the pH value of the skin, can stimulate and balance the peeling of the skin and the natural renewal cycle of the epidermis (“epidermal turn-over”), and that subsequent body care supports or their effect on the skin and have a positive effect on the skin’s feel and appearance.

In addition to these more cosmetic and dermatological effects on the skin, shower products are very important for our well-being, because they can control and influence our emotions and moods. Depending on consumer needs and situation, they can relax and calm, activate and stimulate, reduce stress and give us peace, or invigorate and revitalize us. These are emotional and aromatic effects that can be part of the shower experience – this is how the shower affects body & soul. We have intensively researched these effects at Kneipp and implemented them in our shower concepts, such as joie de vivre, GoodBye Stress or good night.

For this reason, at Kneipp, we recommend that you consider the shower, bath and skin cleansing as an elementary step in daily body care and incorporate them specifically into everyday life.


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