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Will Smith’s wife surprised with bald stars

Jada Pinkett Smith caused a stir. Her daughter encouraged her to take this step by posting this picture.

It’s a touching Instagram post from Willow Smith. The daughter of TV legend Will Smith shares a snapshot of herself and her mother Jada Pinkett Smith with her Instagram community. Underneath, she writes: “A gift is pure if it comes from the right person at the right time, in the right place, from the heart and we ask nothing in return”.

“Willow made me do it because it’s time to let go”

The special thing about this snapshot is the non-existent hair of both of them. While her daughter Willow always likes to experiment with her own hair, it was an unwanted act for her mother. Before Jada Pinkett made it public, her daughter did it to help her. A short time later, the 50-year-old reported via Instagram.

Jada shares the snapshot of Willow and hereby captions it: “Willow made me feel like it was time to let go. My 50s will be divinely lit with this shear.” The actress means saying goodbye to her hair. Because the 49-year-old, who is celebrating her milestone birthday in September, has been suffering from hair loss for a long time.

Jada was trembling with fear

She talked about it very openly in the past. On her show “Red Table Talk” she said, “It was scary when this started. I was in the shower one day with tufts of hair in my hand.” She trembled with fear. One can say of luck that the actress is in good health apart from her lost splendor.

Saying goodbye was initially very difficult for the 49-year-old because she celebrated taking care of her hair. In the end, however, Jada changed her mind. She is grateful that it is merely hair loss. The actress’ thoughts are with those who have lost their hair due to dramatic circumstances.

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