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Will Smith turned down the role of Superman as King of Hollywood – the reason just makes you angry

DC and Warner are currently looking for a new Superman actor who doesn’t necessarily replace Henry Cavill as the current man of steel. JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates develop a new version of the old hero, reportedly casting an African-American actor. It would be the first time in the 70 year history of the film adaptation of Superman. Read more about the Superman project here.

Will Smith was to become Superman: Why it didn’t work out

In 2006 the world was not yet ripe for it, believed Will Smith, who was always in the absolute The flowering phase of his career found. He had Hitch – The Date Doctor behind him, The Pursuit of Happiness was in the movies and Hancock came two years later – the Will Smith Trinity: Comedy, Drama and Action. There was no more complete actor at the time, Will Smith was the king of Hollywood.

For the first Superman film since the Christopher Reeve era, Superman Returns, Warner Bros. wanted to sign the radiant star. At least Smith had an offer like him in one Interview with MTV from 2008 declared. The combination would be explosive been: One of the oldest and most famous American figures in pop culture played by the greatest superstar of our time.

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A casting of this kind seems unusual today, the last two Superman actors Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh were largely blank slates before their films. But Will Smith turned it down not because he feared that as an African-American actor he would overwhelm the white audience and his fixed image of what a Superman should look like.

The script came up and I thought, ‘There’s no way I’m going to play Superman. Because I already had Jim West [aus Wild Wild West]’, and you can in Hollywood do not destroy the heroes of the white people.

In the flopped Wild Wild West, he plays a cowboy hero who was played by a white actor in the popular series of the same name.

How Will Smith faced discrimination during his career

Will Smith has a keen sense for his audience. Not to accept the Superman offer was purely pragmatic and therefore the sadder, more frustrating decisionthat we need to look at in the context of his entire career in which Smith faced racism on many occasions.

Smith’s cast in Independence Day, for example, was on the brink because studio bosses couldn’t imagine a black actor in a blockbuster that was to be globally successful. These doubts have certainly not left Will Smith without a trace.

Will Smith’s own superhero film was a bigger hit than Superman Returns

But in the last 3 decades he has (partially) broken up role models and casting routines in Hollywood for coming generations of black actors. The new Superman movie will likely focus on that Figure Calvin Ellis relate to the first African American Superman in the DC Comics. In a parallel universe on Earth-23, he is the Kryptonian President of the United States. But this figure has only existed since 2009. Michael B. Jordan is said to be the preferred candidate.

Instead of Superman Returns (with Brandon Routh), Will Smith shot the superhero blockbuster Hancock, which was based on an original script and had no expectations. Hankock was released two years after Superman Returns and grossed almost $ 240 million more.

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Who is your dream Superman?

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