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“Who’s who?”: Charlize Theron is kidding Kylie Jenner

“Who is who?”
Charlize Theron is kidding Kylie Jenner

US actress Charlize Theron entertains her fans with a little guessing game. To do this, she uses a photo of Kylie Jenner, which she contrasts with one of herself. The influencer then lets herself be carried away to comment.

Charlize Theron seems to dispel the corona lockdown boredom with funny internet fun. Every now and then, she uploads memories of times gone by on Instagram, sometimes even providing insights into her family life. But now she has posted a photo collage to which she asks her followers: “Who is who?” There is no real likelihood of confusion, but the 45-year-old actress makes fun of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world in a charming way.

The picture on the left shows a perfectly made-up Kylie Jenner with very, very red and very, very full lips. On the right photo you can see Theron himself, who also wears red lipstick, but ignored the shape and size of her mouth and painted far beyond it. So the “who is who” question is not really meant seriously, but rather targets Kylie Jenner’s perfect look.

Kylie Jenner also commented

The fans of the 45-year-old actress celebrate her for this idea, and colleagues like Jamie Alexander and Chanel make-up artist Katie Lee also write amused comments. Finally, the 23-year-old Jenner also got the joke at her own expense after Theron had marked her in the picture a little later. And the influencer also takes it with humor and provides the post with three emojis crying with laughter and just as many red kissing mouths.

But if you like Kylie Jenner constantly put your plump lips in the limelight on Instagram, I shouldn’t be surprised if this leads others to such gags. Most recently you could admire Jenner’s full mouth in photos from Lake Tahoe, although she presented him here in a much more subtle nude tone. The viewers’ gazes were also somewhat distracted by the fantastic nature as well as by their unusually dressed, yet eye-catching snow leopard look.

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