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What my kids hate me for

Oscar winner Anne Hathaway became known worldwide in 2001 for the film “Suddenly Princess”. Photo: imago images / ZUMA Press

Anne Hathaway has already used her fame for political purposes in the past. The actress raised funds for the election campaign and supported the former Democratic US President Barack Obama. Shortly before the presidential election in the United States on November 3, the 37-year-old does not name any names, but leaves no doubt as to which president she and which vice president she wants to see in the White House after the election.

Anne Hathaway: I very much hope for a certain outcome that will allow the world to move on in a more liberal, more loving way. In which all races and genders are represented at all levers of power.

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Berliner KURIER: Corona was also one of the election topics. How are you coping with the plague in your life?

My husband Adam and I have decided that humor is the best way to deal with the current situation.

Sounds very harmonious …

… even though we spend more time together than ever. And guess what: I appreciate my husband in a whole new way. I see him every day and I couldn’t think of another person I’d rather be with.

Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway have been married since 2012 and have two sons.

Photo: Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP, File

Don’t you miss filming?

I’ve been lucky enough to have had work for the past few months. I’ve just finished a little film with the very appropriate title “Lockdown”.

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How do you shoot during a pandemic?

That is only possible if you are making a small film with a small budget and a very small crew. Everyone on the set had to be tested regularly for COVID and had to wear face masks between scenes.

Were your sons (Jonathan is 4, Jack 1) with you?

Only now and then. Of course I would like to have them with me every second, but neither sets nor a cloakroom trolley are really fun for small children. They prefer to play in the park. So I go after what’s better for them and not for me.

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Anne Hathaway as a witch in a scene from the film “Witches witch”.

Photo: Daniel Smith / Warner Bros./dpa

And what’s better?

Reading books to them. I love that more than anything. Jonathan is very excited when I adjust my voice for the different characters in the books. That’s what my father did for me when I was a little girl. And I am extremely fortunate to be able to continue this family tradition with my own children. There is only one thing I am not allowed to do with them. To sing. You hate my singing voice.

How are your children dealing with the effects of the pandemic?

The little one doesn’t really notice, but it is very hard to explain to a four-year-old that he is not allowed to see his friends. I tried to explain to him why his school was closed – without frightening him.

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Their birthday is on November 12th (she will be 38). What do you wish?

As many more days as possible (laughs).

Looking back when you were young, what important lesson did you learn as you got older?

To be happy with my life! I am incredibly grateful for what I have. Is everything perfect? Of course not! There are still a lot of things that I have to work on. But I think I’m on the right track.

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What is particularly important to you in life?

Treating people with respect and enjoying life and love. My goal is to be able to continue on the truly remarkable path that I am on. I am grateful that I can experience things that only few others are allowed to experience. I therefore try to complicate my life as little as possible and to live full of gratitude and humility.

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