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What If …?: What if the world lost its most powerful heroes?

What if ...?: What if the world lost its most powerful heroes?

Photo from the series What If …? (c) Disney +

In the third episode of the What If …? the following question arises: what if the world had lost its most powerful heroes? In it, the makers present an MCU-style Whodunit in the middle of phase 1.

The third edition of the Marvel-Cartoons What if …? this time presents the audience with a Whodunit. In the original English version of the episode is called What If … The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes? (German title “What if the world lost its most powerful heroes?“) And takes place in the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More precisely in the one week in which “Iron man 2“Took place, but also Hulk (Mark Ruffalo, then Edward Norton) in”The Incredible Hulk“Receives his rage monster powers as soon as Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) hammer Mjölnir comes to earth and attracts the briefly unworthy thunder god.

Who killed Tony Stark?

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Natasha Romanoff (this time Lake Bell) meet in the diner with Tony Stark (this time Mick Wingert), as they did in “Iron man 2“, Who likes to be the stepchild of the”Iron man“Parts. With the replacement speakers of the episode, this time it is immediately noticeable that they are not the real ones, although at least in the English original they are good approximations. As a reminder: Tony threatened to poison what you can see in his veins on his arc reactor. SHIELD was supposed to cure him, but this time it looks like Nat’s injection is killing him. She insists she did not know about it, however, the SHIELD logs require an investigation while Fury does his own research and also suspects a murderer within his own ranks.

The concept of the episode is very promising, because Tony is not the only one of the founding members who dies during the course of the episode. Of course, you wouldn’t dare to do something like that in the cinema. However, this time the concept shows even more in my eyes that you have to rush something through the plot if you only have 30 minutes … On the other hand, I understand that completely because it is in the nature of things.

In any case, Natasha is allowed to investigate on her own and can of course quickly get rid of the SHIELD agents who are supposed to lock her up. I find Nat’s lightning-fast punches and kicks, like later Fury moves (which, however, have an explanation) a little too exaggerated, but they are also a freedom of the cartoon format.

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