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Tom Hanks Airstream up for auction

After almost 30 years, Tom Hanks is separating from his Airstream, which was on the set of many world-famous film productions. Anyone who wants to and has the necessary change can bid for the 10-meter mobile.

“I’ve spent too much time in standard caravans with ugly decor and uncomfortable furniture. That’s why I decided to buy a brand new Airstream body with an interior made for me,” the Bonhams auction house quotes Hollywood actor Tom Hanks when asked how he got his Airstream.

That was in 1993. The model shown here is an Airstream Model 34 from 1992. After almost three decades as a film set trailer, Hanks is now putting the trailer up for auction.

Airstream auction by Tom Hanks

Pawel Litwinski / Bonhams

The caravan has been used in countless film productions in the USA.

The more than 10 meter long caravan was featured in many film productions in the USA. These include well-known productions such as “Schlaflos in Seattle” (1993) or “Forrest Gump” (1993) and more recent films such as “Sully” (2016) or “The Circle” (2017).

This is what Tom Hank’s dream Airstream looks like

The heart of the US caravan is the living area. But instead of a built-in bench with a backrest, there is a bright sofa in the bow. One thing was important to Hanks: “I also wanted a normal sofa. So I had one made with removable feet so that it could fit through the door.” A small fireplace in the bow near the couch ensures comfort on the set and in the evening.

Airstream auction by Tom Hanks

Pawel Litwinski / Bonhams

The interior of the 10-meter caravan looks very homely. The actor had the right couch made especially for the caravan.

Tom Hanks had a standard kitchen unit built into the caravan in the middle of the caravan. It is – typically American – equipped with a stove as well as an oven and an extractor hood. The future buyer can look forward to additional accessories such as plates, glasses, espresso pots and other kitchen utensils. They stay in the vehicle.

A highlight can be found on the side of the wall unit: Tom Hanks signature. But not only the cupboard, but also the roof air conditioner is decorated with an original Hanks signature. The motto “twice is better” probably applies here and hopefully increases the sales price.

Airstream auction by Tom Hanks

Pawel Litwinski / Bonhams

The caravan is a real collector’s item thanks to the Hanks signatures.

Overall, the living area looks very open. One of the reasons for this is that instead of a dinette, the Airstream only offers a couple of folding chairs with a table as dining options. The practical thing about it: the chairs and table can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Bathroom with golden shower and Hollywood mirror

The bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen and seating area. The shower cubicle, including the fittings, has a noble gold look. A mirror with lightbulbs all around exudes the Hollywood glamor of the past few days. The bathroom has a chemical toilet for emergency cases. Here, too, as in the kitchen and the rest of the caravan, dark furniture fronts are used.

Airstream auction by Tom Hanks

Pawel Litwinski / Bonhams

The shower wall with shower fittings in gold are clearly a matter of taste and certainly a rarity.

Rear area for practicing and notching

The rear, behind the kitchen and bathroom, offers an enclosed space with a desk and cupboards. Tom Hanks could retreat here to practice scenes and texts. For a short relaxation or for an afternoon nap, a single bed was also waiting lengthways during breaks in filming.

Airstream auction by Tom Hanks

Pawel Litwinski / Bonhams

The stern offers a single bed for relaxation.

Buyers of this Hollywood-proven Airstream can look forward to electric jacks, a hot water boiler, blinds, an awning and a gas system. A Honda power generator is also included in the auction price.

Bad rust damage is not to be expected on the caravan. According to Bonhams, the caravan was regularly waded professionally and when Hanks did not have it with him on sets, it was always sheltered from the wind and weather in a hall.

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They only cook with water here. Even if the 10-meter Airstream is from Tom Hanks, it’s nice to see how normal the interior of the almost 30-year-old caravan appears. The auction is a rare opportunity for collectors and fans to bring a bit of Hollywood home. The auction in the US is scheduled for August 13, 2021, and Bonhams estimates the expected sales value to be between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000.

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