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Tom Cruise lands in a helicopter in the garden of a British family

Hollywood star
VIP approaching: Tom Cruise lands in a helicopter in the garden of a British family

Actor Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise is shooting the seventh part of the “Mission Impossible” series in Great Britain

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Actor Tom Cruise wanted to go to an appointment in the helicopter, but the airport was closed. The pilot unceremoniously steered the machine into the field of a British family – they were amazed.

Imagine you are sitting in the garden and suddenly a helicopter lands in the adjacent field. The person who gets out is a Hollywood star. This is exactly what happened to a family from the British county of Warwickshire. Alison Webb and her family have been informed that a VIP passenger in the helicopter is requesting a landing because the nearest airport in Coventry is closed.

“I thought it would be kind of cool for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden,” Webb told the BBC. “It was an incredible day.” Because, as it turned out, the VIP was none other than actor Tom Cruise.

The 59-year-old is currently in front of the camera in Great Britain for the seventh part of the film series “Mission Impossible”. Dozens of onlookers have already followed the scenes that Cruise and his film partner Hayley Atwell shot in a shopping center in Birmingham. But no one came as close to the Hollywood star as Alison Webb and her family.

Tom Cruise chatted with the entire family

“He came in, got out and I just thought ‘wow’,” Webb told the BBC. Cruise ran up to her children and talked to them. “Then he came to us, greeted us with an elbow and thanked us.” Finally, he made the children an offer that they could not possibly refuse: They should fly a round in the helicopter while he keeps his appointments nearby. Webb’s children did not have to be told twice and got into the helicopter with the pilot.

The BBC released photos showing Webb and her partner with Tom Cruise. Another shot shows the actor with the four children. “It was surreal. I still can’t believe it happened,” said Webb, describing her impressions. A Hollywood star in the front yard – an experience that you and your entire family will certainly not soon forget.

Source: BBC


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