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Tom Cruise: Helicopter landing in the family garden

Tom Cruise
Helicopter landing in the family garden

Tom Cruise can be given permission to land in his own garden.

Tom Cruise can be given a landing permit in his own garden.

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Because the airport was closed, Tom Cruise had to land his helicopter in a family’s private garden.

Emergency landing with star potential: Tom Cruise (59), who is currently filming the latest “Mission: Impossible” film in England, had to make a spontaneous helicopter landing on the way to an appointment due to an emergency.

So they turned to the Alison Webbs family. She lives in Warwickshire, England, and apparently has such a large garden that it can also be used as a helicopter landing pad in an emergency.

Which celebrity will end up in her garden, Webbs did not know until the end. The family had only been told that a VIP would have to land somewhere as the nearby airport was closed.

When Cruise got off the helicopter, the surprise was all the greater. And the star showed himself from the best side: “He went straight to the children to talk, then came over to us, greeted us with his elbows and said thank you very much,” Webbs told the BBC.

Helicopter flight for the kids

Cruise posed for photos and even gave Ms. Webbs and her partner’s children a flight as a gift. “Then he said if the kids wanted to, they could go on a helicopter.” Of course the kids wanted. The pilot took them on a short sightseeing flight while Cruise attended a meeting.

“It was surreal, I still can’t believe it happened,” said Webbs of the “incredible day” when Tom Cruise landed in her garden.


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