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The Witches of Eastwick – Now comes the remake of the eighties cult film

It’s now been 34 years, believe it or not, that the acclaimed horror comedy The Witches of Eastwick lured their moviegoers into the halls with an unbelievable star cast. Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher in the same film? The entertaining mix of genres by Mad Max: Fury Road-Director George Miller made it happen in 1987!

Now, more than three full decades after the successful evaluation, Warner Bros. wants to help witches make a big comeback. Instead of a sequel, however, a remake is being worked on. Which actors are honored to follow in the footsteps of Nicholson, Sarandon, Pfeiffer and Cher depends above all on a very specific personpending.

Because Ninja Thyberg (Pleasure) was given permission to both direct and write the script. The decision-making power over this rests with her. But it should not be easy to find a similar or even equivalent replacement!

Warner plans a new witch’s ghost

According to Screen Daily, it is not yet possible to say with certainty whether their loose reinterpretation is more of a remake of the film version or the original novel that came on the market in 1984 and comes from the writer John Updike.

If the film, which has been nominated for two Oscars, should serve as a source of inspiration, then it would essentially be about Alex, Jane and Sukie, three friends in their prime, all three of whom suffer greatly from not having a real man.

Voodoo is being played again! © Warner Bros.

Because instead of the longed-for Prince Charming, a brazen luxury macho appears – Hokus Pokus – more slimy than charming, but equipped with certain unearthly abilities. While four of you are celebrating lustfully bewitched orgies, death and the devil come over the city. High time to get rid of the diabolically rebellious bon vivant again. And for this the three witches set heaven and hell in motion.

In Hollywood, however, it is currently the fashion to cast pre-defined roles with actors of the opposite sex. In the so-called gender swap, characters originally occupied by men are suddenly female and vice versa. Horror icon Pinhead, for example, could be featured in the upcoming film and series reboot of Hellraiser appear as a female figure for the first time.

And also in the upcoming romantic comedy He’s all that (One like no one or one like no one) from Netflix, instead of a girl, this time a boy is turning into a beautiful boy. at The Witches of Eastwick a similar approach would be conceivable, even if many fans might not like it. But do not worry, because it is still just a matter of speculation on our part, based on observations.

So whether we will end up with witches instead of the usual witches will only be revealed as soon as Warner Bros. has published an official synopsis. The new edition is still at the very beginning of development, which is why it will probably take a long time before we can provide you with further details.

30 years after the original: Warner awakens the witches © Techland

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