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The petit bob is all the rage now!

Nobody can get past the bobsleigh by 2021 at the latest. Whether copper bob, box bob, gelly bob or the long bob – the popular hairstyle is available in many different versions. That is why there is a suitable variant of the trend hairstyle for every type of story. The petit bob is particularly popular in autumn. We present you the hairstyle trend for autumn 2021:

What is the petit bob?

The petit bob is actually very simple: It is cut symmetrically and has the same length at the front and back. It got its name because of its length, because the petit bob means something like the little bob. Long is perhaps not the right term for this, because the petit bob ends between chin and shoulder. Depending on whether you prefer your hair length shorter or longer. However, it shouldn’t go any longer than your shoulder, otherwise you’ll be wearing a long bob. The ends are cut blunt. If you have particularly thin hair, you can wear the petit bob super, because it gives your hair more body and volume. But the haircut is also easy to wear with thick hair, you can talk to your hairdresser about whether the hair should be thinned out.

How do you style the petit bob?

Think the simple cut could be boring? Not at all! You can style it quite differently: If you want your look to be cool and modern, you can straighten your hair and wear it in a sleek look. If Central or side parting is up to you. A pony is also great for the petit bob – that’s how you get it Parisian chic very close! Try blow-drying your ends inwards using a round brush, this will give your hair a nice shape! The nice thing about the Petit Bob is that it always looks very well-groomed thanks to its even length and does not actually need any proper styling.

Do you want one romantic and gentle look you can also wear the petit bob with light waves. The uneven shapes of the waves give you a modern undone look! For more grip and texture, you can put some dry shampoo or foaming agent into your hair beforehand. A little hair oil into the ends and your hair will get the glow of healthy hair!

Who is Petit Bob?

The nice thing about a bob? Basically anyone can wear it! However, some bob variants suit some face shapes better and some less well. The petit bob is particularly suitable for narrow, elongated, heart-shaped or oval faces. Since the cut is kept quite simple and has no steps, it frames the face, but also shortens it. For face shapes that are less elongated, the length of hair can apply quickly and make the face appear misshapen.



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