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That is the correct order of the Matrix films!


The “Matrix” film series with Keanu Reeves offers even more than the trilogy. From the anime to the video games, we’ll tell you the correct “matrix” order!

The order of "matrix"Films

The order of the “Matrix” films (source:

  • Keanu Reeves became a world star through “The Matrix” in the late 1990s. “Matrix Resurrections” will follow in 2021.
  • The three films so far have been directed by the Wachoswki sisters Lana and Lilly.
  • In addition to the previous film trilogy, there are also “Matrix” anime and video games that further deepen the exciting world!

The mega-hit “Matrix” with Keanu Reeves stormed the cinema charts in 1999 and was to become a global phenomenon. The Wachowskis’ film (“Sense8”) impressed with exciting, novel action scenes, philosophical approaches and a perfect science fiction look! After the success, of course, it couldn’t stay with just one film for long. “Matrix” soon became a trilogy.

But the world of the matrix does not only extend over three films. In addition to a soon-to-be-released sequel, the story is also complemented by video games and animated short films that allow you to delve deeper into the story.

We’ll tell you how to watch the “Matrix” films in the correct chronological order and how the games and short films fit into the plot in terms of time!

  1. Matrix: The chronologically correct order

  2. Matrix: The order with “Animatrix”

  3. Matrix: the video games

Matrix: The chronologically correct order

If we limit ourselves to just the “Matrix” films, the order of the story is delightfully simple. The order of their release is the same as the chronological order, so there is only one correct way to watch the films.

  • 1. Matrix (1999)
  • 2. Matrix Reloaded (2003)
  • 3. Matrix Revolutions (2003)
  • 4. Matrix Resurrections (2021)

“Reloaded” and “Revolutions” were filmed in one go, which is not unusual. The “Lord of the Rings” films or parts 2 and 3 of “Back to the Future” also saved time and money in this way. It is indeed remarkable that only a few months passed between the release of the two films.

Little is known about the 4th “Matrix” film, entitled “Matrix Resurrections”, although it is due to be released in December 2021. During the CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Warner presented the audience with a first trailer in which Neo and Trinity meet in San Francisco in the near future and apparently neither remember themselves nor their experiences from the first three films.

But if you want to prepare for part 4 with a small marathon, then you will see the films in the order in which they were once shown in the cinema. By the way, that takes you 6 hours and 43 minutes!

Matrix: The order with “Animatrix”

With “Animatrix” an animation anthology with 9 short films was published in 2003. These play both before and during the events of the three “Matrix” feature films.

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The short film “The Second Renaissance” consists of two parts and illuminates the war between mankind and machines that led to the creation of the matrix. Although this story is a prequel and thus takes place before the first “Matrix” film, viewers who are new to the films should still start with “Matrix”.

The introduction to the world of the “Matrix” is undoubtedly more exciting if you experience it for the first time together with Neo (Keanu Reeves) and do not already know all the circumstances. Everyone else can follow our list, which arranges the short films in the correct chronological order.

  • 1. The Second Renaissance – Part 1 (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 2. The Second Renaissance – Part 2 (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 3. A Detective Story (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 4. Matrix (1999)
  • 5. Kid’s Story (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 6. Final Flight of the Osiris (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 7. Beyond (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 8. World Record (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 9. Matriculated (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 10. Program (Animatrix, 2003)
  • 11. Matrix Reloaded (2003)
  • 12. Matrix Revolutions (2003)
  • 13: Matrix Resurrections (2021)

A final note: Although the short films on the “Animatrix” DVD or Blu-ray can be selected individually, they are actually intended as a common anthology. Since “Animatrix” was released one month after “Matrix Reloaded” opened in theaters, all short films can be seen wonderfully between “Reloaded” and “Revolutions”, but they could also be seen directly after “Matrix”.

Matrix: The video games

Three video games were released for the “Matrix” series: “Enter the Matrix”, “The Matrix Online” and “The Path of Neo”. “Enter the Matrix” plays at the same time as “Matrix Reloaded” and contains real film cutscenes that were shot especially for the game during the filming of “Reloaded” and “Revolutions”.

The short film “Final Flight of the Osiris” also functions as a prequel to “Enter the Matrix”, although this prior knowledge is actually not required. “The Matrix Online” plays after “Matrix Revolutions”, but as an online game the plot is not as much the focus as in “Enter the Matrix”.

“The Path of Neo” tells Neo’s story from the three “Matrix” films and thus plays throughout the trilogy. The whole game is also criss-crossed with excerpts from the three “Matrix” films, “Animatrix” and “Enter the Matrix”.

So actually only “Enter the Matrix” has a clear place in the “Matrix” sequence and should be played after “Matrix Reloaded” if you can still find a version for GameGube, Windows, PlayStation 2 or Xbox. Alternatively, you can watch the full gameplay plus cutscenes here:

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Although only the first “Matrix” film is generally considered to be a success, the Wachowskis have created such an interesting science fiction world that “Matrix” comes across in some form over and over again.

It could well be that the 4th “Matrix” film will bring further sequels or new games and short films that shed more light on the universe. Warner Bros. is definitely not ready to bury the “Matrix” franchise, and fans around the world continue to be fascinated by the gruesome vision of the future presented to them in The Matrix.

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