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Take a break in the home office: With these 8 tips, the time-outs are really relaxing

Also think about how you would like to spend your micro-breaks – the breaks that are only a few minutes long. What do you like? What is it that relaxes you? Avoid the temptation to get things done and quickly put the laundry or turn on the dryer. Of course, this can also make sense – but first of all, you should spend your time off in such a way that you gain energy. (Also interesting: current account: only these accounts are really free)

5. Don’t do anything

It’s not as easy as it sounds at first: just don’t do anything during the break. Set a timer, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Often this is even uncomfortable at first and you will feel the urgent need to check your e-mails or do something else instead.

Keep going! It pays to calm your breath and mind. Often it is only when you stop to notice how upset you are inside. Even if it doesn’t feel like that at first, these little breaks are incredibly relaxing. You also relieve your eyes, which may be dry because you look at the screen a lot in the home office. (Also worth reading: Save better: The zero-sum game helps you deal more intelligently with money)

6. Stretch and straighten yourself

Do you pay attention to how you are sitting at work? Most of the time you end up in the vulture position: crouched with a hump, neck and head stretched forward while you hunch your shoulders. This even happens at ergonomically optimally designed workplaces, but even more so at home at the desk when the table and chair may not be an ideal match. Painful tension is inevitable – especially if you don’t take any breaks but stay in this position for hours.

Counteract hardened muscles: Use the break to stretch and stretch extensively. For example, you can slowly circle your head in all directions and pull your shoulders up and then let them fall again. Another good exercise: let your arms circle back and forth for a few laps. On the Internet, for example on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, you can find inspiration for stretching exercises for frequent people. (Also read: You have to turn off these 3 mindsets if you want to get ahead in your job)

Quick and easy: relieve tension

7. Go offline

A break is a break – and that means that you don’t have to sit at the computer: After all, you would only interrupt your lunch break with colleagues if your boss calls because an angry customer is in your office – and even then only reluctantly.

Approach your home office breaks with this setting. This is your time! And that is only relaxing if you allow yourself to switch off and also to be unavailable for once. It is best to switch your smartphone to flight mode, then you are not tempted to confuse the break in the Internet – unless, of course, you make a conscious decision to do so. (Also interesting: Mental Health: Why do we work sick?)

8. Make an appointment

After working from home for a long time, many people feel that they are lonely. The short conversation that otherwise happens with colleagues is missing. Counteract this: Stay in regular contact with your colleagues even when you are working from home. Make an appointment once a week for a shared – virtual – lunch.

Or even better: away from the screen. Do you make an appointment in your neighborhood or in your neighborhood, maybe with that one acquaintance you have wanted to meet again for a long time? It may even result in a routine in which you cook for each other on fixed days of the week. (Also worth reading: Mark Wahlberg: His 7 secrets to success (and the millions))



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