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“Sommerhaus” star suddenly appears totally changed after shooting at RTL

The shooting of the “Summer House of the Stars” has already been completed. One of the participants now has a completely new look. Does the show have anything to do with it?

Bocholt – It is not yet clear when the new season of the “Summer House of the Stars” will flicker across the screen on RTL this year. The “Sommerhaus” filming, which took place again in Bocholt in North Rhine-Westphalia * in 2021, was completed a few weeks ago. Shortly afterwards, however, a participant appears in a completely new look that surprises. RUHR24 * reveals the details.

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“Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL): Season 2021 with new candidates is in the starting blocks

Hardly any show last year polarized as much as the “Summer House of the Stars”: alcohol excesses, allegations of bullying and lots of arguments not only caused a lot of turmoil, but also generated high ratings. So it’s no wonder that RTL has once again sent eight celebrity couples to an old farm in Bocholt (North Rhine-Westphalia) this year.

The new RTL cast from the “Summer House of the Stars” * initially caused disillusion among many fans of the RTL show. Too “boring” and too “unprominent” were just a few of the numerous disgruntled comments on RTL’s social media channels. One of the participants is now causing a stir with a new style. Does the RTL show have anything to do with it?

“Sommerhaus” star Mike Cees totally changed after filming RTL – does the show have anything to do with it?

Mike Cees-Monballijn (33), made famous through his participation in “The Bachelorette”, is one of this year’s candidates for the RTL reality show together with his wife, actress Michelle Monballijn (42). After the show, he shows himself in photos taken to the express Exclusively available, now totally changed: Instead of his distinctive dark haircut, the singer is completely gray.

Is the new hair color of the reality TV actor a hint or a foretaste of any games or tests of courage that the celebrities regularly have to endure in the “Summer House of the Stars” (read more news about NRW celebrities * on RUHR24 here) ?

Mike Cees-Monballijn and his wife Michelle Monballijn before his “makeover”.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

“Sommerhaus der Stars” 2021: New RTL candidate Mike Cees suddenly has gray hair after filming

Puff pie, says Mike Cees-Monballjin to that express. Behind the new hairstyle is not RTL or the “summer house”, but just curiosity. “I just wanted to try something new. I already have some gray hair and I think the look is very serious, ”explains the“ Sommerhaus ”participant express.

Wife Michelle Monballjin is also very enthusiastic about her lover’s new “look”: “Seriously, when my wife says: ‘I think you look good with gray hair.’ Why not make one on George Clooney? Can only have advantages in certain situations, ”said the reality TV actor express.

However, the hairstyle can no longer give him advantages in the fight for victory in the “summer house of the stars”, as the shooting is finally over. But maybe the gray head hair helps in the competition for the sympathy of the audience? After all, Mike Cees-Monballjin would not be the first celebrity to win – or lose – the hearts of the audience by participating in the “Summer House”. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network

List of rubric lists: © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius, Guido Kirchner / dpa, collage: Ruhr24

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