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Sicario 2 – That’s why Emily Blunt is not in the sequel

In Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario, Emily Blunt plunged into the Mexican cartels’ drug war in the role of FBI agent Kate Mercer in 2015. Im am 07/19/2018 Unlike her colleagues Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin, she can no longer be seen in Sicario 2, which is starting in German cinemas. Opposite to CinemaBlend said director Stefano Sollima about the reason for their absence, which suggests a morally disoriented successor who narrative consistently follows the first film.

Sicario 2: The end of morality

In Sicario, Emily Blunt embodied a kind of moral authority in a world without morals, which worked on the principle of the end justifies the means. According to Stefano Sollima, this guideline is now missing in Sicario 2, which as a film in the original is called Day of the Soldado:

Emily Blunt is a fantastic actress, but her role was kind of a moral guide for the audience. We don’t have that in Soldado. This is closer to my vision of storytelling. I prefer not to have a moral guide for the audience.

Sicario 2

The report also references earlier statements by screenwriter Taylor Sheridan that Emily Blunt went through a full (closed) story arc in Sicario. As a result, the decision not to get her character back for Sicario 2 actually seems consistent.

“You’re not a wolf. And this is the land of wolves now.”

Beware, spoilers for Sicario will follow. For Emily Blunt’s Kate Mercer, her mission in the American-Mexican border area turned into a disillusioning experience. Denis Villeneuve, who emphasized the duality of light and darkness in Sicario’s Blu-ray making-of, let his main actress sink increasingly into the darkness of the brutal cartel conflict. She’s the only one on the opaque team of Josh Brolins Matt Graver and Benicio del Toro’s Alejandro Gillick who tried to obey the rules. In vain.

Sicario 2

In Sicario, in a sense, the narrative focus shifted more and more towards Alejandro, who is establishing a personal (albeit impossible in the world of Sicario) relationship with Kate. He once worked on the side of the law himself, but the loss of his family drove him to the vengeance mission to eliminate the boss of the Sonoran cartel. As Special Agent Matt Kate explained, he is concerned with restoring an order in which the Medellín cartel is the only one that unites the power of drug trafficking. As a hit man, Alejandro became part of the project that Kate is supposed to legitimize with her signature at the end of the film while he is holding a gun to her head. “You are not a wolf. And this is now the land of wolves”he tells her goodbye. And with that, Emily Blunt’s character comes to an end in several ways, namely narrative as well as mental.

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