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Samaritan – Sylvester Stallone becomes a superhero – but not until next year

Sylvester Stallone always goes into his roles when he can dish out bad guys without compromise. Accordingly, he should Samaritan, his next film, will probably play into the cards.

In the thriller of Operation: Overlord-Director Julius Avaery he gives a hero who is thought to be dead and has gone into hiding (Last Blood sends greetings), who can give everything in his old age and show the young generation where the hammer is.

However, it will be a while before he can take action and live up to his reputation as an action hero again. Because now the upcoming action thriller is shifting– Candidates again, this time on September 9, 2022 – a year and a half after the originally planned cinema release in December 2020!

Stallone rises from the dead. © Universum Film

Stallone stays true to action cinema

Only a first official film image bears witness to his impending fight against evil. Sylvester Stallone is already letting the protector hang out when he dares to stand between a child and an approaching car and apparently pushes to the side with ease.

For Avery is Samaritan a “big event film, in which our heroes give plenty of ass kicks.” You will be able to marvel at a Sly that has not existed for a long time, and in a rather inventive way. Despite his 73 years! Avery was surprised at how much Stallone shouldered alone during filming without having to resort to a double. Even guys in their twenties wouldn’t do that.

And that is what Stallone, who is heating us up in the cinema as the insatiable basking shark King Shark from The Suicide Squad, probably has in common with his screen role: Samaritan shows Stallone as a once legendary hero who stages his demise after a tragic accident.

First picture: pushes cars to one side: Sylvester Stallone © Universal

Samaritan won’t come until next year

Years later, an adolescent goes in search of his idol after rumors spread that he might still be alive. After the first snapshot, there is no question that the boy will actually find what he is looking for.

Then mentor (Sylvester Stallone) and protégé (young talent Javon Walton from HBO’s Euphoria) apparently together with those of Escape room-Author Bragi F. Schut invented villains whose dark and moving antihero thriller story parallels to M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable – unbreakable should have.

Samaritan was last March just in time for the epidemic to break out turned off, but due to the uncertain cinema location, it will not be in German cinemas until next summer (originally it should have been so far last December).

And yet you should Samaritan be sure to keep an eye on it. Julius Avery has already (Operation: Overlord) has shown great talent for gripping genre cinema and will certainly not shift down a gear now that he was allowed to work with his idol Stallone.

Samaritan gets action-packed like Rambo, but brings sci / fi elements with it. © Universum Film

Written on 08/13/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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