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Rihanna is the richest singer in the world

Robyn Rihanna Fenty has officially reached billionaire status. The Barbadian-born singer, actress and entrepreneur has net worth, according to a recent report by Forbes now $ 1.7 billion.

This makes Rihanna the richest musician in the world and the second richest woman in the entertainment industry after Oprah Winfrey.

Entrepreneurial blood flows in their veins

Although she has been putting out one success record after the other since she was 17, the majority of her fortune is due to her entrepreneurial successes, especially with her cosmetics and care brand Fenty Beauty and their underwear brand Savage X Fenty.

But how exactly did Rihanna go from being one of the biggest pop stars in the world to a mogul of the fashion and beauty world – and thus a billionaire?

Start of her career

Rihanna grew up in the music world, but her first big coup came when she met producer Evan Rogers on vacation in Barbados in 2003. In the course of this year he helps her to record several demos that she sends to various record companies.

She is invited to audition by the Def Jam label, where she inspires Jay Z, the then head of the label and producer LA Reid. In 2005 she signed a contract with the label and released her first single Pon de Replay becomes a worldwide success that ranks second in the American singles rankings Billboard Hot 100 lands.

In 2005 she also brings her first album Music of the Sun and seven more will follow by 2016. To date, she has sold more than 60 million albums and received eight Grammy Awards. With her music alone, Rihanna has made millions of euros.

From singer to entrepreneur

Rihanna took her first step into the corporate world in 2011 with the introduction of her perfume Reb’l Fleur. The sale brings her $ 80 million in the first year. Since then, Rihanna has released a total of twelve types of perfume, and a new one is probably being planned.

Over the years she goes into numerous advertising contracts with companies like Puma, Armani, Dior, the streaming service Tidal and many more, but with the launch of their beauty brand Fenty Beauty Rihanna’s entrepreneurial success is only really gaining momentum in 2017.

With 40 different nuances for concealer and make-up, the brand is setting a trend in the beauty industry in which the needs of people of color were only rarely represented or not at all.

One success chases the next

At the beginning, Rihanna probably had only 15 percent of the market share of Fenty Beauty, she has this loud Forbes in the meantime, however, it has been increased to 50 percent.

Already one year after its introduction Fenty Beauty $ 550 million and today the company is worth $ 2.8 billion, according to Forbes.

Shortly after founding her beauty empire, Rihanna started another company: Savage X Fenty. A lingerie brand that takes the customer’s size and skin color into account.

Fenty goes Europe

Last December announced the New York Times announced that the company would also like to expand to Europe and include new products such as sportswear in its range.

Obviously, despite minor setbacks over time, Rihanna’s success and fortune had nothing to do with it. At just 33, she built an empire and amassed over $ 1.7 billion in personal fortune.

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