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Premium VoD: Stream Let Them All Talk cheaply

With “Let Them All Talk” director Steven Soderbergh made a film about authors and writing in 2020, in which top-class actresses such as Meryl Streep and Candice Bergen improvised almost all the dialogues. The approximately two-week filming took place on a real Atlantic crossing, with new digital technology allowing Soderbergh to work with minimal equipment and crew.

As the title suggests, the viewer can expect long conversations and confrontations between the characters – or attempts to avoid these confrontations. The film develops an almost theatrical intimacy and its very own charm. The grand dramatic finale rounds off the strip. The script comes from the well-known American short story writer Deborah Eisenberg. As usual with a film directed by Steven Soderbergh, he is himself a cameraman (under the pseudonym Peter Andrews) and an editor (Mary Ann Bernard).

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Let Them All Talk: What is it about?

Renowned US writer Alice Hughes is struggling to complete her latest novel. Unable to fly, she persuades her agent Karen to book a transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 and invite her old college friends Susan and Roberta for support – and maybe even some kind of overdue reconciliation. Alice also takes her bumbling nephew Tyler on the trip. Karen is also on board, but Alice doesn’t know that at first …

Let Them All Talk: With a star cast

Meryl Streep plays the successful writer Alice Hughes. Candice Bergen (Roberta), who makes her way through life as a lingerie saleswoman, and Dianne Wiest (Susan), a Seattle trial attorney, play Alice’s old college friends. Lucas Hedges plays Alice’s nephews Tyler and Gemma Chan (Karen) their agent.

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Let Them All Talk watch without a subscription

“Let Them All Talk” has not yet been listed on any of the major streaming services in the flat rate offer. The tragic comedy is now available as video-on-demand without subscription, for example in the online video library at Videobuster.
Fans of Blu-ray and DVD will have to wait an indefinite period of time before the drama is available on disc. At Videobuster you will find thousands of other films such as “Too good to be true – The JT LeRoy Story” and other hits from the current DVD charts at bargain prices.

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