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Pig: So you can already see the new drama with Nicolas Cage in the stream


Nicolas Cage is currently thrilling critics and audiences with “Pig”. The new film drama can be streamed in Germany before it even opens in cinemas – with a trick!

Pig: Soon in the cinema, now on the stream

Pig: Soon in the cinema, now in the stream (Source:

  • The drama “Pig” and leading actor Nicolas Cage are currently being celebrated.
  • While the film has already been released in the USA, no release date has yet been set for Germany.
  • Netzwelt reveals why you can stream “Pig” on iTunes now!

In “Pig” the hunter Rob’s beloved truffle pig is kidnapped. As a result, Rob must leave his beloved wilderness and return to the big city, where he is confronted with his past. The summary of the plot and the knowledge that Nicolas Cage is playing the main role makes you wonder at first.

Is this a comedy or a goofy “John Wick” clap? No, “Pig” has become a serious drama in which Cage can be admired with one of his best acting performances. This is about grief, loss and loneliness – not a lighthearted film for in between, but still absolutely worth seeing.

While “Pig” started in cinemas in the USA in mid-July, no German release date has yet been set. It is possible that “Pig” will celebrate its premiere in this country as part of the Fantasy Film Festival in October and November.

Fortunately, however, it is possible to see “Pig” in the stream right now and thus avoid the waiting time for the start of Germany. Netzwelt reveals where and how you can already see “Pig”!

See “Pig” in the US iTunes Store

Almost two weeks after its cinema release, “Pig” is already available on stream in the USA. The iTunes US store offers the film for purchase for US $ 19.99 or for rent for US $ 6.99.

From Germany it is also possible to use the US offer from iTunes and thus not only stream “Pig”, but also other current films such as “Fast & Furious 9” or “Killer’s Bodyguard 2”. Our iTunes guide tells you how to set up a US account and then immediately see “Pig”.

Of course, you have to do without a German soundtrack for films from the US store. However, a VPN connection is not necessary, which means that your borrowed or purchased titles can be viewed much more easily on smart TVs with the Apple TV app.

By the way, you can currently see some very recent films on Netflix, provided you use a VPN service. Netflix is ​​already showing “Cash Truck” with Jason Statham and “Gunpowder Milkshake” with Karen Gillan in Canada.

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