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Oops! Christian Bale thought Teresa Palmer was a real stripper

Teresa Palmer (35) was particularly convincing in this role! The actress is known for films such as “Warm Bodies”, “Lights out” and “The Choice – Until the Last Day”. In 2015 she stood in front of the camera with Christian Bale (47) for the drama “Kight of Cups”. There she played a stripper named Karen – and apparently quite authentic! In any case, the Batman actor was completely flabbergasted when he found out that she is not a full-time pole dancer.

In one Instagram-Post let her review the funny set moment again. “Throwback to the filming of ‘Kight of Cups’ as Christian Bale thought I was a real stripper, “she wrote to a set. But how did it come about? When she introduced himself, he spoke with an American accent, even though he was from Wales. So she assumed he was simply is already in the role. “So I jumped on the bandwagon and came up with a life story for my character. I never explained that while shooting”she quipped.

She also shared an excerpt from an interview that Christian himself had given the faux pas. “We shot in a strip club and Teresa Palmer was wearing such tight silver-colored shorts and I asked her how long she had been dancing, whether she liked it and how she got into it “he told the opposite Evening Standard. Only when he saw her photo on a billboard a week later did he realize that she was a real actress.

The cast of “Kight of Cups”, March 2016
Teresa Palmer, actress
Christian Bale at the Berlinale 2019



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