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“Nine Perfect Strangers” with Nicole Kidman: Wellness is horror

Culture “Nine Perfect Strangers”

Wellness with Nicole Kidman is sheer horror

Manuel Brug

“Nine Perfect Strangers” – self-discovery with superstar Nicole Kidman

Nine stressed-out city dwellers want to relax in a small wellness temple, run by Nicole Kidman’s Masha. The nine strangers, among them Melissa McCarthy, have no idea what they are getting into. The eight-part series is now running on Amazon Prime Video.

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Is everything broken with the rich and famous? In the new Amazon series “Nine Perfect Strangers”, a spa becomes a place of horror. Nicole Kidman plays the dark angel of this dubious paradise. With apparently ambiguous joy.

I.Somehow we always suspected it: Once the botox poison has escaped from her fragile body and the former beauty optimizations again allow a minimum of Oscar-worthy facial expressions, Nicole Kidman will rise again as the Elven Queen, translucently fragile, but tough as steel.

But then she will certainly not be the good Lady of Light, as her colleague Cate Blanchett portrayed as Galadriel, but, despite her bright appearance, rather be on the dark, maleficent side.

And so it is. After the 54-year-old recently impressed us in “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing” with her opaque, captivating game as beautiful and devious, at the same time porcelain-hard and at the same time fragile apathetic, Nicole Kidman is now driving for Amazon Prime in “Tranquillum House “Their mischief.

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“Tranquillum House”: This is the name of a very strange luxury spa in the eight-part miniseries “Nine perfect Strangers”. Imagine it not far from the extremely expensive Californian noble hippie retreat Ojai. Here Kidman, the Russian wellness dominatrix Masha, gets “Nine Perfect Strangers” into her not so healing hands.

“There is a lot of tension and aggression here,” warns one of the assistants who are somehow mysteriously connected to their boss in the first episode of what is now inevitable. Because in this super-sustainable facility, where money and relaxation seem to trickle from every loudspeaker lulling with yoga calming music, the soul lab seekers are selected and combined by the management themselves.

Nobody here who has no problem

This time the mixture is as peppery as it is toxic. It will soon be like the predators. And all according to Masha’s agenda. As with the two previous Kidman series, David E. Kelley is responsible and the book is again from Liane Moriarty.

But it’s also a strangely disparate gang of rascals. TV comedian Melissa McCarthy wonderfully plays the burned-out entertainment writer Frances, who suffers from her pounds as from the rejection of her latest book. Carmel (Regina Hall), left behind by her husband, is on the one hand annoyingly sociable, but on the other hand also seems to have quite a problem with aggression.

The Marconi family of three, who can only afford “Tranquillum House” because there is a convenient discount for them, deal with the suicide of their son and twin brother in very different ways: father Napoleon (Michael Shannon) through verbal overflow, mother Heather (Asher Kiddie ) by stoic jogging.

Sack race for the soul?

Sack race for the soul?

Source: AP

The gay Lars (Luke Evans), on the other hand, seems to be a puking narcissus, who even manages to smuggle his actually forbidden communication tools into this jungle camp for the ruined rich for some time undetected.

The bitchy couple Jessica (Samara Weaving) and Ben (Melvin Gregg) have lost any sense of their true life together between the influencer Instagram contortions of her and his compensation purchases as a meaning-seeking lottery winner. And the former football crack Tony Hogburn (with a lot of anger: Bobby Cannavale) is just a drug abuse wreck after an injury that ended his career.

Attack instead of Ayurveda. Something is not right here in the blender, in which the ingredients for the next date power smoothie for breakfast are somehow broken up bloody in a close-up. Does Masha drugged her voluntarily-involuntary combatants in the wellness dungeon so that they would rather tear themselves apart?

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What’s your agenda? Is she perhaps even more traumatized herself? The story flows between crime fiction, mystery thriller, health satire and social comedy like an expensive Lomi Lomi Nui massage. And only hesitantly reveals the big little lies and burning secrets.

But the longer the ten-day short trip allegedly life-changing mood striptease with sack races in the spa, the more the impression intensifies: Nicole Kidman, who is always slightly absent and barely touching the oiled parquet floor under her unreally draped curls, may have a lot of fun with it had to expose the highly lucrative do-gooder and health guru demeanor of her fellow actor Gwyneth Paltrow.

With which “Nine Perfect Strangers”, which can topple over into a bloody horror house at any time, would get a mega-enjoyable meta level more.



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